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The complex navigation system used by the salmon on its long journey to spawn in natal waters is a wonder of nature. Fortunately, salmon fishermen can follow these migrations to land a few salmon, which you will be better equipped to do after you take this quiz.

What distance do some salmon travel to reach their natal waters?

Some salmon swim up to 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers).


What is the major difference between Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon?

The Pacific salmon spawn and die, whereas the Atlantic salmon may live to spawn again.


How many species of Pacific salmon are there?

There are seven, two of which are found in Asia.


How is salmon season determined?

Salmon season is determined by the local game and parks commission.


What determines the length of the salmon season?

The amount of salmon available determines the length of the season.


What was the shortest salmon season?

In 2008, California did not open a salmon season, because of a scarcity of salmon.


Which is the first spring salmon run?

In most waters, salmon season opens in March or April with the Spring Chinook run.


What is the claim to fame, in terms of salmon fishing, of the West Branch Penobscot River?

It is rated as one of the top five spring salmon waters by Fish and Game magazine.


When the ice breaks and temperatures are low at Lakes Michigan and Huron, what do you need to catch salmon?

You mainly need patience as well as the right equipment and location.


How many Chinook salmon were anticipated to cross the Lower Granite Dam in 2008?

The Idaho Fish and Game commission anticipated that 100,000 Chinook would cross.


What type of tackle do anglers use in spring on Lake Michigan?

They use flies and flashers.


Where do anglers find salmon in summer?

In summer the salmon are found in the deeper waters.


Since salmon mature in the ocean after being born in freshwater, what happens in completely landlocked areas like South Dakota?

Chinooks beginning life at Whitlock Bay's spawning station in South Dakota are landlocked freshwater fish.


What is the main natural phenomenon that contributes to successful salmon fishing?

The life cycle of the salmon returning to their natal waters gives anglers the opportunity to catch them.


Considering the growing popularity of salmon fishing and the dwindling numbers, what is the role of fisheries or hatcheries?

They are part of the conservation efforts to ensure future generations of fish.


Which pacific salmon are regarded as the tastiest?

Coho, renowned for their rich red flesh, are regarded as one of the tastiest of the Pacific salmon.


Where can you find salmon all year round?

In Alaska you find good salmon fishing all year round.


What happens to the sockeye in the fall?

They change in color from silver to red and green.


Where would you go to fish for salmon in upstate New York?

This would have to be the Salmon River.


Where would you find the two-day winter Salmon Festival?

This festival is on the Tobacco River in Eureka.


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