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There is probably nowhere better to enjoy the southern California lifestyle than San Diego. With its perfect weather, miles of beaches, and world-class restaurants, San Diego is an ideal vacation spot. If you enjoy golf, there are nearly 100 courses to choose from, and the kids will be thrilled to spend the day at LEGOLAND. Take our quiz to learn more about California's southern-most city -- San Diego.

In which year did Juan Cabrillo arrive in San Diego?

Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo is credited with discovering San Diego in 1542.


Approximately how many people live in San Diego?

San Diego is the second-most populous city in California, with about 1.2 million residents.


How many miles of coast does San Diego have?

San Diego runs down the west coast of the Unites States for 70 miles. You can find some of the country's most beautiful beaches there.


What is the average temperature in San Diego?

The weather in San Diego is beautiful all year round; with a mean temperature of around 70 degrees (21 C) and sunny.


During which months are the beaches of San Diego overcast?

The phrases "May Gray" and "June Gloom" refer to a period during which the beaches of San Diego are often overcast for much of the day.


Where is San Diego ranked in terms of safety?

In terms of major cities, San Diego is in the top 10 for safety -- sixth place!


What is the nickname of San Diego's airport?

San Diego International Airport is also called Lindbergh Field, after aviator Charles Lindbergh.


What is the average cost of a cab ride from Lindbergh Field to the center of town?

It should cost about $10 to get from San Diego International to the Gaslamp Quarter.


How do locals refer to San Diego's light rail system?

The San Diego Coast Express Rail is usually called the Coaster.


How much does a ride on the Coaster cost?

A one-way ride on the Coaster is between $4 and $5.50, depending on how far you're traveling.


Which interstate runs through San Diego on its way to Mexico?

Interstate 5 is the western-most Interstate in the U.S. that runs north to south. It runs the full length of California, ending just south of San Diego.


Which of these locations is home to the world's largest outdoor musical instrument?

At San Diego's Balboa Park you will find the Spreckles Organ -- the world's largest outdoor instrument.


How many pipes does the Spreckles Organ have?

The Spreckles organ has 4,446 pipes and its concert venue seats 2,400 people.


How large is LEGOLAND?

LEGOLAND sits on a 128-acre (52 hectare) plot of land. If you have young kids, this is a must-see San Diego attraction.


How many Legos were used to build Miniland, USA?

One of the coolest attractions at LEGOLAND is Miniland, USA: a replication of several areas of the U.S. that is made entire of Legos. It took more than 20 million pieces to complete the project!


The Geisel Library was named for which famous author?

The University of California at San Diego is home to the Geisel Library, named for renowned children's author Theodor Seuss Geisel -- Dr. Seuss.


What is the name of San Diego's MLB team?

In tribute to the Catholic monks who founded the city, San Diego's baseball team was named the Padres.


What sport do the San Diego Chargers play?

The Chargers are currently one of the top teams in the National Football League.


Around how many golf courses are there in San Diego?

With nearly 100 golf courses in the area, it's fair to say that golf is the city's most popular sport.


Which San Diego golf course is home to the PGA's Buick Invitational?

Torrey Pines, a prestigious gold course in La Jolla, hosts the annual Buick Invitational -- a PGA event.


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