Quiz: The Ultimate San Francisco Quiz
The Ultimate San Francisco Quiz
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Among the many great vacation spots on the West Coast of the United States is the lovely city of San Francisco. Surrounded by water, and built on a series of hills, San Francisco enjoys unique weather and breathtaking vistas. Add to that world-class restaurants, museums, the country's only mobile landmark, and even a famous prison, and you have a city like no other. Take our quiz to learn more about the beautiful city of San Francisco.

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Approximately how many people visit San Francisco each year?
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How large is San Francisco?
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How many hills make up the San Francisco landscape?
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One end of which of these famous bridges is located in San Francisco?
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About how much will a cab from San Francisco International to the heart of the city cost you?
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The subway system in the San Francisco area is known as what?
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How much does a BART ride cost?
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The form of transportation most closely associated with San Francisco is what?
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When are the Chinese New Year festivities held in San Francisco?
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What is the name of the area in San Francisco where the Cherry Blossom Festival is held?
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What is the name of San Francisco's football team?
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Which famous former prison is located on an island in the San Francisco Bay?
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How large is Golden Gate Park?
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Presidio Golf Course was renovated by which of these famous golfers?
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San Francisco is often referred to by which of these nicknames?
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