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Ho, ho, ho! Santa Claus' brief, but signature greeting brings smiles to the faces of both children and adults. But if you think about it, Santa Claus is a strange cultural institution -- an old man dressed in a red suit, who delivers presents to every home in the world in just one night. Where did ol' Father Christmas originate, and how on Earth does he get around so fast?

Which of these is the Italian name for Santa Claus?

Although he's Santa Claus in North America, he goes by Father Christmas in the United Kingdom, Père Noël in France, Sinterklaas in Holland and Babbo Natale in Italy.


What is Santa Claus' only public appearance during the year?

If you've ever paid attention to the floats during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, you'll notice one constant from year to year -- Santa Claus is always the big finale, the last float to pass through the streets of New York City. We'd have to assume that this is the only public appearance of the real Santa.


Why might Santa's cheeks always be rosy red?

The weather is very cold in the North Pole, so his skin could become easily chapped.


What potential NASA invention could help propel Santa's sleigh?

The sleigh would have to be equipped with a special antimatter propulsion unit that allows Santa to skip from one roof to the next in less than 24 hours and make it home to the North Pole in time for a nap and Christmas dinner.


Who helps Santa make all those presents in the North Pole?

Santa's elves possess a drive and energy that even the smallest of nanorobots couldn't match, so Santa never has to worry about being behind in production.


What's one thing you might find on Santa's belt?

Santa Claus would need climbing equipment to get up and down all those chimneys.


Where do mall Santas get their training?

Mall Santas must graduate from a special Santa school, where they'll learn to laugh like Santa, eat like Santa and keep a snow-white beard like Santa.


Which animals pull Santa's sleigh?

Santa not only gives toys away, but he does it in style, too. He rides in his very own sleigh led by a team of reindeer, which can make it around the world in just one night.


About how many letters do children mail to Santa Claus each year?

Nearly 100,000 letters make it out every holiday season to Santa's address at the North Pole.


How might Santa Claus find out where all the "nice" children live?

Santa Claus probably uses something akin to Google Earth to locate which houses get what presents.


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