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In "The Santa Clause," an ordinary advertising exec unwittingly takes on the role of Kris Kringle. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this holiday comedy classic.

What terrible fate befalls Santa Claus when he visits the Calvin home at the start of the film?

A startled Santa falls off the roof and lands in the snow below before disappearing.


What is the name of the divorced dad who takes over the role of Santa?

Scott Calvin goes from ordinary Joe to top elf in "The Santa Clause."


What is the name of Scott's son?

Charlie is having doubts about the whole Santa story, until his dad takes on the job of St. Nick.


Where does Scott work before becoming Santa Claus?

Scott was an advertising executive at a toy company before he moved to the North Pole.


What is the name of the elf who runs Santa's workshop?

Bernard the elf keeps things running smoothly at the North Pole workshop.


Why can't Scott enjoy cookies and milk, a traditional Santa favorite?

Because of his lactose intolerance, Scott eats the celery left out for him but doesn't drink the milk.


Which group helps free Scott from prison after he's arrested?

The Effective Liberating Flight Squad (ELFS) flies in to save Santa when he ends up in the slammer.


What gift does Bernard give Charlie on the latter's first visit to the North Pole?

The magic snow globe comes in handy at the end of the movie.


Which comedian played the starring role of Scott Calvin/Santa Claus in the film?

Tim Allen took a break from "Home Improvement" to star in "The Santa Clause."


What year was "The Santa Clause" released?

Since its release in 1994, "The Santa Clause" has remained a holiday favorite.


Why did Charlie's mom ask a judge to revoke custody of Charlie from Scott Calvin?

Charlie's mom, Laura, has a judge revoke custody because she is concerned about Scott's growing Santa Claus delusion.


What does Charlie's stepfather, Neil, do for a living?

Scott finds plenty of opportunities to mock Neil for his job as a psychiatrist.


What do the elves use to break Santa out of prison?

The elves use tinsel to cut through the hinges on Santa's cell, freeing him so he can continue his gift-giving.


Why does Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus, end up in the slammer?

Scott ends up behind bars after he kidnaps Charlie and takes off in his sleigh.


What tasty treats are produced by the CD player in Santa's sleigh?

Santa's sleigh comes with a special CD player that dispenses cocoa and cookies.


How long did Judy the elf take to perfect her hot cocoa recipe?

Judy spent 1,200 years perfecting her recipe, which requires that the drink be shaken, not stirred.


What action makes Scott legally obligated to take on the role of Saint Nick?

Thanks to a little rule known as the "Santa Clause," Scott is legally bound to become the next Santa the moment he dons the red suit.


Where does Scott take Charlie to eat on Christmas Eve at the start of the film?

After Scott burns the turkey, he and Charlie enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner at Denny's.


What book are Scott and Charlie reading when they hear a suspicious noise on the roof?

Scott and Charlie are enjoying "The Night Before Christmas" when the star of the story lands on their rooftop.


Which company made the ladder that Scott and Charlie use to reach the roof?

The ladder came from Rose Suchak Ladder Co., a play on "arose such a clatter."


What disease does Scott accuse the reindeer of having when he first lays eyes on them?

Scott accuses the reindeer of having key lime disease, but he eventually learns to appreciate them as he settles into the role of Santa.


Which of the following happens to Scott after he takes on the role of Santa?

After unwittingly agreeing to the Santa Clause, Scott experiences rapid weight gain, unwanted hair growth and an inexplicable appeal to children.


At what age did Charlie's stepdad, Neil, stop believing in Santa Claus?

Neil gave up on Saint Nick at the wise old age of 3. His wife, Laura, hung on until age 8 before giving up on Santa.


Who directed "The Santa Clause"?

John Pasquin not only directed "The Santa Clause" but also worked with Tim Allen on "Home Improvement."


How many sequels did "The Santa Clause" inspire?

Plot lines in the two "The Santa Clause" sequels revolve around the search for Mrs. Claus and a scuffle with Jack Frost.


Which actor turned down the role of Scott Calvin in "The Santa Clause"?

Chevy Chase turned down the role, which ultimately went to comedian Tim Allen.


How did Scott describe his first trip down the chimney to deliver gifts?

Scott's first gift-giving experience was anything but magical — he compared it to being on "America's Most Wanted."


What gift does Scott/Santa give Laura to restore her faith in Christmas?

Scott-as-Santa gives Laura the Mystery Date game she longed for as a child.


What gift does Scott/Santa give Neil to make him believe in Kris Kringle again?

Scott finally gets his Oscar Mayer weenie whistle, which he'd longed for since the age of 3.


What does Charlie have to do when he wants to call his dad back from the North Pole for a visit?

Charlie has to shake his magic snow globe when he's ready to reconnect with dad.


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