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Can you guess how many texts your typical teen sends? Or how many cell phones are in the world? Take our challenge and see if you can pass without calling for help.

How many cell phone users are there in the United States over the age of 13?

Many kids can't even conceive of a world without them. Nearly 230 million people in America alone have these phones.


How many text message do Americans receive every day?

Yes, that's in trillions. And that's about the equivalent to a year's worth of stuff sent via snail mail.


How many texts does the average teen send every month in the United States?

And yet, their fingers are somehow to tired to pick up pencils to complete homework.


What's the number one most used capability of a cell phone?

Ask anyone in the room what time it is. Almost no one will have a watch, but they will check their cell phones.


In America, what percentage of cell phones are smartphones?

But those phones don't mean we're necessarily smarter. A lot of people blow too much money on smartphones and don't really use the "smart" features.


What is the most popular cell phone capability?

They're actually tied for first place. Texting and camera functions are wildly popular.


What percentage of cell phone owners regularly use texting features?

Email is so old school. Nearly three-quarters of users often use text messages.


What percentage of people use their cell phones for email?

Roughly 4 out of 10 users employ their phones for email purposes. Maybe email isn't quite dead…yet.


About how many cell phones are in use across the world?

And 75 percent of those phones allow text messages. No wonder texting is so popular.


How many adult cell phone owners use their phones to search for bits of information?

As the kids would say, the other half are way, way behind the times. The other half might have things figured out… just a little, though.


Of the world's 4 billion phones, how many are smartphones?

Nearly a quarter of all phones qualify as smartphones. Already, half of local Web searches happen on phones.


What percentage of people watch videos on their mobile phones?

But it's probably only because slow bandwidth hold back the rest. Around one-quarter of users watch video content.


How many people use their smartphones for Internet access while watching television?

Overloaded on gadgets yet? Nearly 90 percent of users couldn’t leave their phones alone and just watch television.


How many hours per day do Americans socialize using their cellphones?

It's only about three hours. But some people report feelings of depression and loneliness when deprived of their phones.


What percentage of cell phone owners user their devices for entertainment?

It's not quite half…yet. But the other folks will soon be playing games and having fun on their phones, too.


What percentage of mobile Internet is used to socialize?

Forget making single phone calls. Cell phones now help you connect with entire groups of people at once.


In percentage terms, how many people between the ages of 18 and 29 do online banking tasks with their phones?

They trust the system because they grew up with it. Nearly one-third of them feel safe performing banking functions on a mobile.


What percentage of adults over the age of 65 use their phones to access social networking sites?

So grandma is living in the dark ages. She still accesses Facebook only on her netbook.


How many people in the United States use the Web on cell phones?

The Web is a sticky thing indeed. People remain connected even when they're on the run.


What percentage of smartphone owners use their device as their primary tool for Internet access?

Computers are still the primary choice. But mobile devices are catching up in a hurry.


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