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Today's appliances use less energy than their predecessors and you'll save money on energy and water by purchasing them. Use the Energy Guide and ENERGY STAR labels to help you make an informed purchase. Take this quiz to find out how to buy the right energy-saving appliance.

How do you know whether a product is recommended by the Energy Guide?

Look for the yellow and black Energy Guide label.


Who requires the Energy Guide label?

The Federal Trade Commission requires the Energy Guide label.


What information is provided by the Energy Guide label?

The label includes the appliance's estimated annual energy consumption, the model's capacity and the efficiency ratings of comparable appliances.


Which agency is responsible for the ENERGY STAR program?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency developed the ENERGY STAR program.


What products may have an ENERGY STAR rating?

The ENERGY STAR program is voluntary. You may find ENERGY STAR ratings on most anything, including an entire commercial building.


What should you keep in mind when shopping for a new home appliance?

The Energy Guide and ENERGY STAR labels will help you make an informed purchase.


What appliance is the biggest user of energy?

The refrigerator is the winner of this competition.


What is the average yearly energy cost of an older and less energy efficient refrigerator?

Older models cost an average of $250 per year compared to newer models that cost an average of $90 per year.


What type of refrigerator is more efficient?

Models with a freezer on the top or the bottom are more efficient than side-by-side models.


Why won't you find clothes dryers in the ENERGY STAR database?

Because clothes dryer models all work the same way and have similar energy usage, they are not rated by ENERGY STAR.


How much less water does a dishwasher use than hand washing?

A dishwasher uses 37 percent less water. Save water and your manicure by using your dishwasher.


How should you fill your dishwasher so it will operate the most efficiently?

Your dishwasher may work best when it runs a full load of dishes.


What dishwashing selection may save energy?

Select the short wash cycle to save energy.


Where should you place your dishwasher?

Place your dishwasher away from your refrigerator. The heat from the dishwasher could make the refrigerator run more often.


What feature causes the dryer to automatically turn off?

A clothes dryer with a moisture sensor may save energy by automatically turning off when the clothes are dry.


What is the most eco-friendly way to dry clothes?

Invest in a clothes line: sunshine is free.


Which one of these appliances uses the least energy?

A dishwasher use the least amount of energy of the three.


What easy do-it-yourself maintenance task may help your dryer to run more efficiently?

To help your dryer run more efficiently, clean the lint filter after each load.


What may make your washing machine work harder?

Using too much detergent may make your machine work harder to clean a load.


What model of washing machine is more efficient?

A front-loading machine is more efficient.


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