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Bottled water is the drink of choice for many U.S. consumers. Some $4 billion is spent annually on bottled water, and much of this may be thanks to smart marketing campaigns. Take control of your bottled water budget by using a home filter system. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about saving money by using water filters.

How much do Americans spend on bottled water yearly?

Americans spend at least $4 billion on bottled water every year.


The Mayo Clinic recommends you drink how much water each day?

The famous clinic recommends that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day.


How much of the cost of bottled water is for the actual water?

Less than 10 percent of the cost of bottled water is for the water.


What is an alternative to bottled water?

An affordable alternative to bottled water is to use a pitcher-style water filtration system.


How can you check the quality of your home's water?

Check out the Environmental Protection Agency's Local Drinking Water Information Web site.


How does a carbon filter work?

The molecules of activated carbon in the filter draw contaminants like a magnet.


Why do you need to change a carbon filter?

Over time the filter becomes filled with contaminants and must be changed.


What kind of filter is used by many refrigerators?

Filters that use activated carbon are popular for refrigerators.


You will want to avoid what toxic chemical found in hard plastic?

Avoid bisphenol A, which may be found in hard plastic containers like water bottles.


How much of your body is water?

Your body is 70 percent water, which is vital for all of the body's biological processes.


What contaminants may water filters remove from your tap water?

Water filters may remove mercury, lead, arsenic, benzene, and microbes.


Which is a method to filter water?

Water may be filtered with a carbon filter, ultraviolet light, magnetic field, reverse osmosis or ion exchange.


Why is bottled water so popular?

One reason may be the extensive marketing campaigns done by bottled water companies.


How big is the carbon footprint of bottled water?

The carbon footprint of bottled water is as huge as you would expect any $4 billion industry to be.


Why may your home's tap water be unpleasant to drink?

Although your home's tap water may have been deemed safe for consumption, it may still have an unpleasant smell.


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