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Raising a family can be tight on the budget for most people. Take this quiz on some creative ways to save some money with your kids.

What child-related items can you write off on your taxes?

Child care costs will get you a tax credit. Unfortunately, clothes and diapers are on you.


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, what's the average cost of raising a child from birth to age 18?

It costs an estimated $222,360 to raise a child born in 2009 from birth to 18. That last $60 is what they steal from your wallet on the way to college.


What's one way to save money with a new baby?

Breastfeeding not only saves money on store-bought formula, but kids that are breast fed are less likely to need medical care, saving even more money.


What's one good way to save on clothing for your toddler?

Kids grow out of their clothes fast. Your friends with older kids are likely happy to get rid of some of those old clothes, so get as many hand-me-downs as you can to save some dough.


What's one thing you should not buy used for your child?

Experts recommend that car seats should be purchased new because of the safety implications.


Where's the best place to look for inexpensive clothing for your kids?

Quality consignment stores and garage sales are both great places to find inexpensive children's clothing.


True or false: Daycare centers are more expensive on a monthly basis than a nanny.

Nannies are almost always more expensive than a daycare facility, because of the individual care you'll receive.


What's one way to cut some costs with a nanny?

Nanny sharing is a common way to ease the cost burden of hiring a nanny.


What's a good way to save money on food costs?

Clipping coupons and growing your own vegetables are both excellent ways to save money on grocery costs.


What are some of the benefits of unstructured "free play" time for your kids?

Giving your kids some unstructured "free play" time helps them develop social skills, cope with stress and solve problems. Not only that, but it keeps you from having to supply them with an endless number of costly toys.


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