Say “I Do” or “I Don’t” to These Wedding Traditions and We'll Guess When You'll Get Married

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It's one of the oldest and most common phrases you'll hear regarding a wedding, but do you know what it means or where it came from? You don't necessarily have to understand traditions in order to include them in your wedding. So many of these traditions originated so long ago that the true meaning of them has been completely lost. Sometimes society gets so stuck in its ways that we turn a blind eye to how unique and special things can be. But on the other hand, traditions are a way to connect with the past. 

Traditions don't just apply to the things you have at your wedding, the food you serve and what you wear. There are also traditions like a spring wedding, getting married on a Saturday, and being married before 30. Those traditions are more societal than actually rooted in history, but they are traditions nonetheless. Since those days are the most popular, they are of course going to be the most expensive. If you're looking to save a little money, break from tradition in every way possible if you want! Tell us which wedding traditions you're saying "I do" or "I don't" to, and we'll guess when you'll get married!

How do you feel about the Greek tradition of putting a sugar cube in your glove to make the marriage "sweeter"?

In England, Wednesdays are the best days for weddings. What would you say to getting married on hump day?

Will you carry on the post-wedding tradition of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold?

Would knowing that marrying on a Saturday is considered a super unlucky day in English folklore make you change your plans?

What would you say if it rains on your wedding day?

Diamonds are the most traditional stones for engagement rings and wedding bands. Are you good with that?

White has been a traditional wedding dress color in Japan way before Queen Victoria popularized it. Are you sticking with that tradition?

Will your father be walking you down the aisle?

Are you following the tradition of the best man walking the moms down the aisle?

Are you into the idea of not seeing each other until the bride is about to walk down the aisle?

Do you want to have something old included in your ensemble for the day?

What about something new, something borrowed, and something blue, do you want it?

Do you think the couple seeing each other the night before the wedding is bad luck?

During the reception, do you want to have a first dance?

Are the bride's parents expected to pay for the wedding?

For seating arrangements during the ceremony, do you want the guests sitting on a particular side based on whether they know the bride or the groom?

Will there be a cake smash?

Do you want the dessert to be a traditional tiered cake?

Are you going to wear a veil that's lifted off your face before the first kiss as a married couple?

On your getaway car, are you tying cans to the bumper?

Think of your wedding party. Do you want the same number of bridesmaids as groomsmen?

Do you agree to have a flower girl and ring bearer?

Will all of the bridesmaids wear the same dress?

When leaving the reception, do you want the guests to throw rice at you?

Is the honeymoon starting right after the wedding?

During the reception, will you toss your bouquet?

As far as gifts go, do you want to follow the tradition of registering at a department store?

Pre-wedding events are also part of the tradition. Do you vibe with a bachelor/bachelorette party?

Do you think it's nice to save the top layer of your wedding cake for your first anniversary?

At the ceremony, do you want to literally tie a knot together to symbolize your union?

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