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Scalp ringworm my sound gross, but it's surprisingly easy to treat. Find out all about scalp ringworm prevention and treatment in this quiz.uu

Which group of school-age children are most likely to contract ringworm of the scalp?

Children in preschool are most susceptible to ringworm of the scalp.


What is a likely way of contracting ringworm of the scalp?

Children can pick up ringworm of the scalp from another person or an animal. The condition can also be transferred to a child from an object shared with an infected child.


What type of parasite is ringworm?

Ringworm of the scalp is actually a fungal infection. No parasites are involved.


There are two types of ringworm that can affect the scalp. What are they?

A ringworm infection can be either microsporosis (small-spore ringworm) or trichophytosis (large-spore ringworm).


In addition to a ring-like appearance, what is another telltale sign of a ringworm infection?

The circular regions caused by ringworm of the scalp can lead to bald spots.


How does a doctor diagnose ringworm?

A complete diagnosis is given when the hair is observed through a microscope by a qualified lab technician.


What is the most common treatment of ringworm of the scalp?

Since ringworm is a fungal infection, an antifungal medicaiton is needed to treat it.


Antifungal medications are most likely to be given in which form?

Pills introduce the medicine into the bloodstream so that it can be carried to the source of the infection. Topical antifungal creams don't penetrate the barrier provided by the skin enough to make it to the site of infection. Injections are an impractical and uncommonly used treatments.


A common complementary treatment for ringworm of the scalp uses an antifungal in which form?

An antifungal shampoo can help combat ringworm while you're waiting on the antifungal medication to take effect.


How long will it take hair in the bald patches to grow back once ringworm treatment is completed?

Bald patches should grow back within six to 12 months of the beginning of treatment. In rare cases, scarring can occur from pus-filled lesions, and in those areas hair loss may be permanent.


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