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How much do you know about the secrets Olivia Pope and her staff keep? Take this quiz on "Scandal" to see if you can match wits with this cast of secret-keepers.

Which actress plays the lead role of Olivia Pope in the television series "Scandal"?

Washington was also in the movies "Django Unchained" and "Confirmation."


Who is the creator of the television series "Scandal"?

Rhimes also created the successful television series "Grey's Anatomy."


When did "Scandal" premiere in the U.S.?

"Scandal" premiered in the U.S. on April 5, 2012.


True or false: "Scandal" is set in New York City.

The setting for the series is Washington.


Which "Scandal" character is a former CIA operative?

Huck is a former assassin for B613.


Which company does the "Scandal" character Olivia Pope own?

Olivia Pope & Associates is a public relations agency specializing in crisis management.


Where is "Scandal" filmed?

"Scandal" is filmed in Los Angeles.


What former White House job did Olivia Pope have in the series "Scandal"?

Pope was a White House communications director.


Which actress plays the "Scandal" character Quinn Perkins?

Lowes plays the character Quinn Perkins, a member of Olivia Pope's crisis management team.


Which character is the president of the United States in the series "Scandal"?

Grant ran for president against Democrat Samuel Reston.


Which actor plays the role of President Fitzgerald Grant?

Goldwyn also acted in "Divergent."


Which network airs the television series "Scandal" in the U.S.?

The ABC television network airs "Scandal."


What is the runtime of each episode of the television series "Scandal"?

Each episode of the television series "Scandal" has a runtime of about 43 minutes.


Which Los Angeles-area building is used as a stand-in for White House exterior shots for the series "Scandal"?

The Huntington Library is in San Marino, California.


Which "Scandal" character is played by the actress Darby Stanchfield?

Abby was once married to Charles Putney, the son of a former Virginia governor.


What is the name of the first lady?

The first lady's name is Mellie, which is short for Melody.


True or false: Mellie Grant is played by the actress Bellamy Young.

Young plays the "Scandal" character Mellie Grant in the television series. Young's audition script featured only two lines of dialogue.


What do the members of Olivia Pope & Associates call themselves in the series "Scandal"?

They call themselves "gladiators in suits."


Which "Scandal" character does Olivia Pope have an affair with in the television series?

Grant tried to get her fired off his campaign staff when he realized he was falling in love with her.


Which actress plays Vice President Sally Langston?

Previously, Burton had a recurring role in the "Extant" TV series as character Fiona Stanton.


What is Olivia Pope's middle name?

Olivia Pope's middle name is Carolyn.


Which of the following is NOT an official tagline of the television series "Scandal"?

"We bury the secrets" is not one of the official taglines of the television series "Scandal."


The third and sixth seasons of the television series "Scandal" were shortened due to the pregnancies of which actress?

Washington is married to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha.


What is the television parental guideline rating for the series "Scandal"?

The TV-14 rating suggests that a program contains material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years old.


Which actor plays the "Scandal" character Huck in the television series?

Diaz also acted in the TV show "Weeds."


Which of Olivia's employees was once named Lindsay Dwyer?

Olivia Pope gave Lindsay Dwyer a new identity as Quinn Perkins and eventually hired her.


Which "Scandal" character is the White House chief of staff?

Beene has a daughter named Ella.


Which actor plays the character Cyrus Beene?

Perry also acted on the popular show "Nash Bridges."


True or false: The character Olivia Pope is based on the real-life "fixer" Judy Smith.

Smith, who served as deputy press secretary to George H.W. Bush, also works as co-executive producer on the series "Scandal."


Which character is the assistant U.S. attorney in the television series?

Actor Joshua Malina plays Rosen.


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