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We all have scars, although most of them are pretty minor and easily hidden or overlooked. But sometimes a scar is just too big, strangely shaped or discolored to be ignored. The good news is that most scars can be reduced or removed fairly easily -- but what happens when it's not so easy? Take our quiz and find out about your other options.

Most scar removals are covered by health insurance.

You have a good chance of being covered if you can prove medical necessity for the scar removal. Otherwise, you might be out of luck.


Scars are made of collagen, which is a different color and texture than your skin.

Your body uses collagen to repair damaged tissue.


One common scar-removal method is silicone injections.

One common scar-removal method is cortisone injections.


Most scars can be removed quickly, on an outpatient basis.

Generally, only the most severe scars require surgery or a hospital stay.


Only a small percentage of scars can be totally erased.

Unfortunately, there are no scars that will completely disappear, no matter what treatment you get.


Doctors can actually move scars during removal surgery.

A common technique is to move the scar slightly so it's less noticeable.


One scar-removal method is skin resurfacing with a carbide laser.

Nope, the skin resurfacing is done with a carbon dioxide laser.


A pulsed dye laser uses yellow dye to decrease a scar's redness.

Yellow it is, and pulsed dye lasers can also reduce raised scars.


If you have an indented scar, your doctor might use a collagen injection to fill it.

Yes -- even though most scars themselves are made of collagen, doctors use it to raise indented scars.


Chemical peels are a common method of acne-scar removal.

Dermabrasion is actually one of the best ways to remove acne scars.


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