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Laverne & Shirley are two girls barely scraping by in the big city, but that never stops them from having plenty of fun. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the lives and loves of these two blue-collar gals.

Laverne and Shirley is a spinoff of this classic show.

Laverne and Shirley went on a double date with Richie and the Fonz on "Happy Days" before getting a show of their own.

Where do the girls work?

Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney are not only best friends and roommates, but also work together as bottle cap girls at the Shotz Brewery.

Where is the show initially set?

The show is set in Milwaukee initially, but the girls move to Burbank, California, for the final two seasons.

Which of the girls is a big fan of monogramming?

Laverne is known for her trademark -- a letter "L" monogrammed into almost everything she wears.

What is Squiggy's favorite word?

Laverne and Shirley are friends with a pair of lovable goofs named Lenny and Squiggy who live in an apartment upstairs. Squiggy tends to make an entrance with his trademark "Hello!"

What is the name of Laverne's dad?

Laverne's father Frank DeFazio runs the Pizza Bowl, which is a favorite hangout for the girls and their friends.

What is the name of the girls' landlady?

The five-times divorced Edna Babish serves as the girls' landlady and eventually marries Laverne's father Frank.

What is Carmine's nickname?

Shirley dates her high school sweetheart, Carmine Ragusa, on and off throughout the series. Known as the Big Ragoo, Carmine dreams of being in show business.

Who came up with the idea for the "Schlemiel, Schlemazel" opening chant?

Penny Marshall, who played Laverne -- and was also the sister of show creator Garry Marshall -- came up with the idea for the chant based on a Yiddish rhyme she remembered from her childhood.

Where do the girls work once they move to California?

After moving to Burbank, Laverne and Shirley leave bottle capping behind and take jobs as gift wrappers at Bardwells Department Store.

Laverne leaves the show at the start of Season 8.

It is Cindy Williams who leaves the show at the start of Season 8 after she gets pregnant, leaving Penny Marshall to carry the rest of the series by herself as Laverne.

What is the name of Shirley's beloved stuffed animal?

Shirley has a stuffed cat named Boo Boo Kitty that she brings her both good luck and comfort.

What does Laverne like to mix into her milk?

Laverne is a big fan of Pepsi milk -- a concoction made by blending milk and soda pop.

What does Rosie Greenbaum's husband do for a living?

Laverne and Shirley love to point out that their childhood rival Rosie -- who they call Bimbo -- is married to a proctologist.

What sport do The Big Shotz play?

Laverne and Shirley are members of the Shotz Brewery bowling team, known as the Big Shotz.

What celebrity do Laverne and Shirley plot to meet in Season 2?

The girls dress as maids to sneak into a hotel and meet teen idol Fabian during a Season 2 episode.

What is the name of Edna Babish's daughter?

Edna's daughter Amy comes to visit and immediately takes up a relationship with Lenny. Mrs. Babish is against the coupling because she is worried that her "slow" daughter is being taken advantage of.

What type of contest does the gang compete in during the Season 4 opener?

On a trip to New York, the DeFazios compete in a greased pole competition to win a trip to Italy for Frank's mom in the Season 4 two-part opener.

Who does Shirley think she is after she falls down the stairs in Season 4?

After falling down the stairs and hitting her head, Shirley thinks she is stripper Roxy LaToure. The gang must race to save her dignity before she takes her new persona too far.

Who does Shirley marry at the start of Season 8?

Shirley marries Army medic Walter Meeney -- which makes her Shirley Meeney Feeney. She abruptly departs from Laverne's life, reflecting Cindy Williams' need to leave the show quickly to accommodate her pregnancy.

What is the name of Shirley's brother?

In the episode "What do you do with a drunken sailor?," Shirley learns that her brother Michael has a serious drinking problem.

What do the girls do after they are denied promotions at work in Season 5?

After being denied promotions at work, the girls join the Army in the two-part Season 5 opener "We're in the Army Now." They make the move hoping to gain some respect, but quickly come to regret their decision.

Who plays Laverne and Shirley's drill instructor in the Army?

The girls find themselves at the mercy of drill sergeant Alvinia Plout, played by iconic comic Vicki Lawrence.

Who must the girls beware of during a Season 5 train ride?

While on a mysterious train trip in Canada, the girls are warned to beware of the bald man on the episode "Murder on the Moose Jaw Express" in Season 5.

Who is the girls' friend and neighbor when they move to Burbank?

The girls live next door to the larger than life Rhonda Lee. Played by Leslie Easterbrook, Rhonda has her heart set on making it big and tends to refer to herself in the third person.

Who is the girls' building manager in California?

The girls move into a Burbank apartment building managed by the handsome Sonny St. Jacques, who only appeared on the show for a brief period.

What is the name of Frank's California restaurant?

After operating the Pizza Bowl in Milwaukee, Frank opens western-themed restaurant Cowboy Bill's in Burbank. Carmine comes to town to sing at the grand opening celebration.

What was the original name of the Laverne and Shirley animated series?

The girls got their own animated spinoff in 1981 with "Laverne and Shirley in the Army." The title of the show was changed several times before it was finally canceled in 1983.

What show did Carmine win a spot in during the series finale?

In what was supposed to be an introduction for a Carmine-centered spinoff, Carmine heads to New York and wins a part in "Hair!" in the show's final episode. Unfortunately, the spinoff never materialized.

How many seasons did the show run?

The show lasted for 178 episodes over eight seasons -- though only seven seasons featured both Laverne and Shirley -- between 1976 and 1983.

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