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Ah, school lunch. For many of us, this brings back memories of hairnetted ladies looming over trays of mystery meat. There have been sweeping changes lately in the way meals are served at schools, but has it been enough? Take our quiz to find out.

President Truman started the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) in 1946. How many students received meals through the program in 2007?

About 30.5 million kids got their meals through the NSLP in 2007. More than 101,000 schools and child-care organizations participate in the program.


What do critics of the National School Lunch Program cite as one of its problems?

The NSLP has a $9 billion budget, which critics say is just not enough -- so the schools have to buy the cheapest food available, which is usually not the most nutritious.


According to the American School Food Service, what percentage of high schools sell fast food?

Thirty percent of high schools offer some kind of national-brand fast food.


What percentage of snacks served in schools have poor nutritional value, according to a national study?

The study, by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, found that 85 percent of snacks sold in schools are not so hot, nutritionally speaking.


What did a 2009 University of Minnesota study show about school lunches in that state?

The study found that, contrary to popular belief, kids buy just as much lunch when the food is healthy. It also found that healthy lunches don't have to cost more to produce.


The Better School Food organization advocates "farm-to-school" programs. About how many schools participated in the 2008-09 school year?

Better School Food says that 10,943 schools in 33 states are involved in farm-to-school programs. They connect local farmers with schools -- for the food and also for nutrition education.


Famous chef and restaurateur Alice Waters has many ideas for improving school lunches. What's one of them?

Waters, who is on a crusade for better school lunches, advocates school gardens -- and massively increasing the National School Lunch Program's budget.


Which of the following is NOT an accomplishment of the School Lunch Initiative in Berkeley, Calif.?

The SLI has reworked the lunch program in the Berkeley Unified School District, but -- at least to our knowledge -- it has not (yet) eliminated vending machines.


How many daily servings of whole grains should children eat?

Most experts say that kids should get at least three servings of whole grains every day.


How many servings of whole grains do kids get every day, on average?

Most kids get only one serving of whole grains a day -- and studies have shown that this could be partially caused by confusion in school food services about exactly what whole grains are.


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