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"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" perfectly captured the teen culture of the early '80s, diving head first into sex and relationships without skipping over real-world realities, like pregnancy. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the stories and stars of Ridgemont High!

Where does Stacy work?

Fifteen-year-old Stacy Hamilton works at Perry's Pizza at the Ridgemont Mall.


What is the name of Stacy's brother?

Stacy's brother Brad is a senior who works at the local All-American Burger and owns his own car.


Who played legendary stoner Spicoli?

In "Fast Times," Sean Penn took on the role of Jeff Spicoli, a stoner and surfer that all future stoner characters would be compared to.


What teacher does Spicoli feud with during the film?

Spicoli's bad behavior, which includes having a pizza delivered to history class, brings on the wrath of Mr. Hand, who butts heads with his student throughout the entire movie.


Why does Brad quit his job at Captain Hook's Fish and Chips?

After losing his job at the burger spot, Brad takes a job at Captain Hook's Fish and Chips, but ends up quitting when a pretty girl laughs at his goofy pirate uniform.


Who plays Stacy Hamilton in the film?

It's '80s favorite Jennifer Jason Lee who plays the sweet sophomore Stacy Hamilton in "Fast Times."


What is Rat's actual first name?

Mark "Rat" Ratner works as the assistant to the assistant manager at the Ridgemont Mall movie theater.


Who is Brad dating when the movie begins?

Brad is going steady with Lisa, played by Amanda Wyss, but is looking for a way to break things off -- until Lisa dumps him, that is.


Who does Stacy lose her virginity to?

In her race to lose her virginity, Stacy goes to the Point with Ron Johnson -- a stereo salesman who's much older than she is.


Where do Mark and Stacy go on their first date?

Mark takes Stacy on a date to a German restaurant, but things end badly when he rejects her sexual advances.


Who is Stacy's best friend in the film?

Phoebe Cates plays Stacy's seemingly more promiscuous friend and co-worker at Perry's Pizza.


Who's the star of the Ridgemont High Football team?

In one of his first roles, Forest Whitaker plays football star Charles Jefferson -- who ends up getting his car destroyed by Spicoli.


What is Ridgemont's biggest rival?

After believing that Lincoln's team is responsible for the damage to his car, Jefferson demolishes the Lincoln High football team and sends their quarterback off the field on a stretcher.


Who gets Stacy pregnant?

Stacy decides to have an abortion after Damone gets her pregnant, but he fails to show up for the appointment or pay for his half of the bill.


Who does Spicoli spend the night of the graduation dance with?

Fed up with Spicoli's behavior all year, Mr. Hand comes to his house the night of the grad dance and finally teaches Spicoli the history lessons he's been avoiding.


What does Brad use to drive away a thief at the Mi-T-Mart?

After taking a job at the Mi-T-Mart, Brad is the victim of a robbery. After Spicoli inadvertently distracts the thief, Brad uses hot coffee to disarm the robber and take his gun.


Who is Stacy dating at the end of the film?

In the ending credits, viewers learn that Rat and Stacy are still together -- but still haven't gone all the way.


Who does Spicoli save from drowning?

Spicoli saves Brooke Shields from drowning then uses his reward money to pay for a private Van Halen concert.


What is Damone busted for according to the film's closing credits?

Damone is busted scalping tickets to an Ozzy Osborne concert and ends up working at a 7-Eleven.


Who wrote the script for the movie?

Cameron Crowe spent a year undercover as a student at Clairemont High School in San Diego. The 1981 book he wrote about his adventures later became the script for "Fast Times."


What subject did Mr. Vargas teach?

Actor Vincent Schiavelli played biology teacher Mr. Vargas. He is famous for asking Spicoli, "Are you in my class?" Spicoli replies, "I am today."


What did Andy Rathbone, who inspired the character Rat, end up doing for a living?

Andy Rathbone was a real student at Clairemont High and inspired the character Rat. He went on to write more than 50 computer books, including many of the "For Dummies" titles.


Who directed the film?

After David Lynch turned the job down, Amy Heckerling made her directorial debut on "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."


Which of these future stars had a bit part in the film?

Nicholas Cage -- credited as Nicholas Coppola -- played Brad's friend and co-worker in the film.


Producers required all cast members to be 18 or older.

Because of the mature subject matter in the film, producers only cast actors over the age of 18. Seventeen-year-old Nicholas Cage lied about his age to keep his part.


This actor never broke character during filming.

Sean Penn never stopped being Spicoli during filming, much to the frustration of the rest of the cast.


Who played Brad in the film?

Actor Judge Reinhold starred as Brad Hamilton in the 1982 teen flick.


What happened to Linda after the movie ended?

According to the film's closing credits, Linda was the only one to go to college. She got accepted to UC Riverside and moved in with her psychology professor.


Who was Brad's boss at the burger place?

Dennis fires Brad from All-American Burger after Brad has a run-in with an irate customer.


What song opens the movie?

The film opens at the Ridgemont Mall to the tune of "We Got the Beat" by the Go-Go's.


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