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If you've never tried scuba diving, you're going to feel all wet compared to the world's first scuba-diving dog and cat. Jump in the water and take this quiz to learn about these unique scuba-diving pets.

How long had Gene Alba been scuba diving when he thought of the idea of scuba diving for his dog, Mutley?

He had been scuba diving for some 20 years.


Why did Alba sew pockets into Mutley's wet suit?

He needed a place to put weights so as to create neutral buoyancy.


What material is Mutley's head gear made from?

It is made from Plexiglas and is a bubble-shaped, weighted helmet.


Where did Alba try out his scuba-diving dog before taking her to the ocean?

He tried her (and her equipment) out in his backyard swimming pool.


Aside from scuba diving, in what other respect is Mutley like no other animal?

Mutley has actually won an Emmy award. It was for her performance on a nature show, "Mac and Mutley."


Under what circumstances did Alba find a stray cat, later named Hawkeye?

It was Mutley who first noticed her tangled up in chicken wire. Mutley alerted Alba, who rescued her and nursed her back to life.


How did Alba notice that Hawkeye wasn't afraid of the water?

Hawkeye used to jump into the bathtub with Mutley.


Why is swimming good for Hawkeye's health?

Hawkeye, being a somewhat overweight cat, benefits from the exercise that swimming affords.


When Alba designed Hawkeye's wet suit, what did he have to consider?

He had to come up with a wet suit that wouldn't squeeze her body too much.


Why doesn't Mutley have to worry about the bends?

Mutley doesn't dive deep enough for this to be a danger.


What are wet suits usually made of?

They're usually made of neoprene, a kind of synthetic rubber. In Hawkeye's case, Alba designed it to be made of nylon.


How many pounds of lead weight are fitted into Hawkeye's wet suit?

Twelve to 14 pounds (5.5 to 6.4 kilos) are fitted into Hawkeye's wet suit.


Aside from gluing the helmet onto the rest of the suit, how did Alba ensure that the seal remained watertight?

Alba figured out a way to vacuum seal the helmet against water leakage.


What is the purpose of Mutley's and Hawkeye's compressed air tanks?

Their little tanks are for backup purposes only, if the main system malfunctions.


Mutley's scuba diving equipment cost $40,000. How much did Hawkeye's cost?

Hawkeye's was a bargain at about $20,000.


How proficient is Hawkeye at swimming underwater?

Sadly, Hawkeye hasn't quite figured out how to swim underwater, although she does great as a surface swimmer.


What is Alba's explanation for Hawkeye's ease in the water?

According to Alba, Hawkeye feels comfortably weightless and this is very relaxing for her.


When people heard about Mutley and Hawkeye, they requested that Alba make scuba diving suits for their pets. Did he do so?

Alba refused them all.


Why is the Caribbean region ideal for Hawkeye?

In that area, the water temperature is ideal -- about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius).


When people doubt Alba's treatment of animals, he assures them that:

Alba maintains that the scuba diving activity is safe for them and that they love it.


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