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The oceans provide a bounty of delicious and nutritious treats. How much do you know about the seafood of the world? Take this quiz to find out.

Which type of fish is eaten more than any other worldwide?

People have been eating herring as a staple food for thousands of years.


True or false: Many types of seafood are best cooked at a high temperature.

This ain't chicken. For optimal flavor, almost all seafood is best cooked at low to medium temperatures.


Seafood consumption can cut down on which health issue?

Just a couple of servings of seafood per week can cut your risk of dying from a heart attack.


What percentage of seafood eaten by Americans is imported from other countries?

At 90 percent, almost all American seafood is caught or farmed by other countries.


Which type of seafood do Americans eat more than any other?

Americans eat about four pounds of shrimp per person, per year.


What liquid is most often used to make soused herring?

A mild vinegar imparts a distinctive taste; this dish is typically served cold.


True or false: There is no difference between shrimp and prawns.

The thorax section of these animals are a little different, but they taste pretty much the same.


Alaska fishermen catch how much of the U.S. seafood haul each year?

More than half of the seafood caught in the U.S. comes from Alaska; Louisiana is a distant second.


On average, about how much seafood do Americans consume per week?

About 3.5 ounces is only half of what the Department of Agriculture recommends. Seafood is full of nutrients that benefit the human body.


What sort of fish makes up a delicacy called lox?

Lox is brined salmon, and it's often served on a bagel with cream cheese and capers.


Pregnant women should avoid eating which type of fish?

Some fish, like swordfish, are often higher in mercury, which can harm fetuses.


Which of the following is NOT considered to be a type of "oily" fish?

Oily fish, like sardines and mackerel, are very high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help combat a wide array of human ailments.


Where is a lobster brain located?

You may want to avoid chowing down on the lobster's throat, unless you really like brains.


The biggest Atlantic bluefin tuna can reach what maximum weight?

The species, which can reach 1,000 pounds, is endangered in large part due to overfishing.


The U.S. prohibits commercial fishing for which species?

Atlantic halibut can live half a century, but they reproduce far too slowly to be a sustainable food option.


About how much seafood consumed in the U.S. is sourced from farms?

Roughly half is farmed, and the other half is caught from the wild.


How long can orange roughy live?

They can live more than a century, and they are very slow to reproduce, making them susceptible to overfishing.


Swai, which is popular in the U.S., is mostly imported from which country?

Caught in the Mekong River Delta area, swai (aka tra or basa) is a mild white fish that is cheap compared to many species.


Which type of salmon produces roe that is demanded most often for sushi rolls?

The chum (or dog) salmon isn't highly sought for its flesh, but the roe is frequently used for sushi.


What's the best way to thaw frozen seafood, according to many cooks?

Cold milk gently thaws seafood and imparts a delicious flavor.


True or false: Salmon has more omega-3 fatty acids than sardines.

Sardines are jam-packed with fatty acids, and they are also loaded with vitamin D, which is lacking in many foods.


Most of the snow crab eaten in the U.S. comes from which area?

Most snow crabs in U.S. markets are caught in Canada, Greenland or areas around Russia.


The Old Testament of the King James Bible outlawed the eating of which seafood?

Scaled fish were OK, but shrimp were considered an abomination.


In which country is a fish called "flake" often used for a dish called "fish and chips"?

Australians often use flake, cod and snapper for their fish and chips.


Scallops are high in which vitamin?

Scallops can be a wonderful source of nutrition, especially for vitamin B-12, which is essential for optimal neurological system function.


True or false: Anchovy populations remain plentiful in spite of being targeted by many fishermen.

These small, short-lived fish manage to reproduce in great quantities despite consistent fishing pressure.


Which species of Pacific salmon has the highest fat content, and thus, prized for its deliciousness?

The chinook (or king) salmon has a silky, rich texture that commands high prices.


Canned seafood makes up about what percentage of seafood consumed in the U.S.?

About a quarter of American seafood winds up in cans, which are great for long-term storage.


Which U.S. president implemented a ban on the sale and import of swordfish due to declining numbers?

Bill Clinton called for the ban, which worked — populations of the fish bounced back in the Atlantic Ocean.


Adult red king crabs can have a leg span measuring how wide?

Caught mostly around Alaska, these 5-foot creatures can weigh more than 20 pounds (9 kilograms).


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