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You may not know much about search and rescue teams, but you'll want them on your side if you're ever lost, stranded or in danger in the wild. Test your knowledge of this extreme job.

Search and rescue (SAR) teams are made up of what kinds of people?

SAR teams are typically headed up by military personnel or civilian law enforcement officers, but also depend on community volunteers in many cases.


The national SAR school for the U.S. military is in which state?

New York and California have the glitz and glamour, but Virginia has the national SAR school.


The national SAR school is operated by which two branches of the U.S. military?

Since you need to search from the air and sea, it's the Air Force and Coast Guard.


What is the goal of SAR teams in a dangerous rescue scenario?

Realizing that 100 percent was not a realistic goal, SAR teams shoot for 93 percent.


SAR teams are trained to be ready to roll within how many minutes of notification from the National Distress and Response System?

Military SAR teams are able to hit the ground running no more than 30 minutes after notification.


How many minutes does an SAR student have to swim two-thirds of a mile, one-third of which is spent pulling a volunteer victim?

After a full one-third mile solo swim, a volunteer victim is pulled to safety for another third, all in under 27 minutes.


Civilian SAR schools are…

While many private instructors are former law enforcement officers or military personnel, they are all civilian citizens.


The Coast Guard reports that 95 percent of sea rescues occur less than how many miles from shore?

Most sea rescues occur less than 20 miles from the shoreline.


The 10 percent of rescues that require both search and rescue cost the U.S. how much money each year?

SAR isn't cheap -- it costs more than $50 million per year for the 10 percent of operations that involve both search and rescue.


The stretcherlike cage into which rescue victims are placed for airlift from sea is called what?

If you picked life-lift, don't feel bad. That's a better name than rescue litter.


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