Choose the Foods You Eat the Most and See How Healthy Your Diet Is!


By: Teresa M.

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About This Quiz

Everybody knows that the foods that we eat have a lot to do with how we look and feel and affect our overall health enormously, but with that said, a lot of people think that they are eating a reasonably healthy diet, and they really are not. Many of us get on the scale each day and get angry at what we see, and many of us feel tired and dragged out all day even though we got enough sleep, and we don't understand what is wrong, we thought we were eating pretty well, but are we? And then there are those that are always on some new kind of diet to lose weight, but is your diet actually healthy?

The world of food is confusing, whether you are on The Whole 30, The Military Diet, or just chilling out on the couch with a large meat lovers pizza. How is the food that you are putting in your body affecting you? We all have to eat, but what are the best things to put in our body? You don't have to change your diet after taking this quiz, but it might give you a better idea of how healthy the foods are that you are eating.

What do you put on your toast?


Which vegetable do you like the least?


Which fruit would you have for a snack?


Which kind of yogurt do you like most?


Which nacho topping do you like most?


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