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The bond you have with your horse is unmatched. These gentle giants have nothing but love for their riders and work with you to be the best that they can be. For a beginner, riding might be quite intimidating. But with time, beginners will see the pure joy and love that goes into learning along with a horse. But first, it's important to know the basics. Do you think you know all the basics of riding?

It's time to saddle up! Do you know how to do it? You'll need to know the steps, parts and ways of doing it in order to ace this quiz. Don't forget the different riding styles or techniques that you should know in order to find the ones that suit you best. In addition to trail riding, there are also many activities that you and your horse can take part in together. The horizons are wide open for every rider!

There is nothing like the feeling of riding a horse through the trails or in a ring. So, if you think you could ride along with the best, then what are you waiting for? Jump into the saddle and see how well you know how to ride!

There are very many parts of a saddle and bridle. Where does the bit go?

The bit goes into the mouth of the horse. When riding, it's important to remember that this is a sensitive part of a horse's mouth. Be gentle when pulling, or your horse may get a little irritated.


You'll find that there are many different horse-riding techniques. Do you know what neck reining is?

Neck reining is another way to steer your horse, which is a little more gentle. Using this technique, you apply pressure with the reins to a horse's neck to indicate that you want it to turn that way.


So you're on the horse. How do you ask it to go?

To get your horse to go, you'll want to give it a gentle nudge on the sides with your feet. After that, you horse will know what it has to do for you; you just handle the steering!


What should you always do before saddling your horse?

It's very important to groom your horse before saddling it up. That way, you make sure that there is no dirt under the saddle and keep your horse clean.


What should all riders wear for safety?

A helmet is highly recommended. Even experienced riders wear helmets as a safety precaution. Always keep in mind that you are on a large animal which can be spooked easily.


It's important to dress the part when going riding. What item of clothing should you wear while riding?

Closed boots are a great choice to wear when riding. Keep in mind that accidents can happen, such as your horse accidentally stepping on your toe. If you're wearing a closed-toe boot, it can help you stay better protected.


How should you act around a horse?

It's okay to be excited to go riding, and you should be! But keep in mind that horses can be timid despite their size; try to keep calm and collected. It will make your bond with your horse that much stronger.


Of the following, which is not a riding style?

Independence is not a riding style, but English and Western are. These two riding styles are among the most popular in the world and differ in many ways.


There are many commands that a horse must learn. When you want your horse to stop, what should you say to it?

Lightly pulling back on the reins and saying "whoa" is the proper way to tell your horse to stop. If for some reason your horse does not stop, try pulling the reins as if you were turning in a circle to slow the horse down and bring it back to the task at hand.


What might get sore after riding your horse for a while?

A saddle isn't always the most comfortable place to sit, so you may find that you'll have a bit of a sore bottom after riding for a while. It's normal, and it will go away after a while!


Posture is important! What does sitting up straight do for you while on a horse?

Balance is important while riding, as it keeps you from falling off your horse. First-time riders can feel off while sitting in the saddle and find balance a hard thing to keep. It's important to learn how to stay steady when your first start riding and get into good habits.


Which side of the horse do most people mount into the saddle from?

The left side is the side that most riders mount into their saddle from, although it is okay to mount from the right as well. A trained horse should allow you to mount from any side, with no issues.


Preparation is key. What is important to do before riding?

Taking care of a horse's feet, especially before going for a ride, is important. Cleaning out the hooves with a pick is a good way to make sure that there are no stones or other objects stuck inside that can hurt your horse while riding.


What goes first when saddling a horse?

The saddle pad always comes first, as the saddle cannot sit on the horse's back by itself. After the saddle pad comes the saddle, which is then strapped on properly using the cinch and girth.


If you cannot control your horse, what should you do?

As you don't want the horse to react badly, gently pull on one rein to bring the horse's attention back to you and the task you are asking of it. Try to turn the horse in a circle or two in order to calm it down, and you should be able to take control once again.


What must you be aware of while riding a horse?

Your horse can be spooked easily, and that means that you should always know what is around you when riding. That way, you can help to keep your horse calm before it even has a chance to be spooked.


You'll need to know your supplies when around a horse! What is a curry comb used for?

A curry comb is usually used as the first step in grooming your horse. The comb is used by rubbing it in circles to make the dirt come off better when the other brushes are used.


Once you're a skilled rider, which activity could you take part in with your horse?

Your horse has a special bond with you that is unmatched. Once you’ve improved your skills as well as your horse's, then you can partake in many fun activities and competitions together.


What is the name of the item that you put your feet in while on the horse's back?

A stirrup is where your feet go when you are riding a horse. The purpose of a stirrup is to give the rider more support. You can be more comfortable and sit up straight, which are all important factors when riding.


Of the following, what can happen if your horse is not groomed before saddling?

If your horse isn’t groomed before you saddle it, it can be bad for your furry friend. Their skin could become irritated, which can be painful and is easily avoided with a simple grooming.


Which horse breed is the best for a beginner rider?

An American Quarter Horse is considered to be one of the best breeds for beginners. They are known for being fast at learning and are more confident than other breeds, which can make a newcomer more comfortable.


In which of the following cases should you not ride your horse?

If your horse is lame, it is not the best idea to ride it. Instead, it is more important that you focus on treating your horse so that it can get better rather than worse.


While saddling up your horse, what should you do when walking behind it in order to be safe?

You should never flat out walk around the back of a horse. The safest way to do so if you must is to run your hand along their side and back as you walk while speaking softly to them. As horses can be scared easily; this will put them ease and let them know that you’re the one behind them.


You should not do what while on a horse?

The reins are your main means of control when riding. Letting go of them can make things bad, as you have lost the ability to steer your horse and keep control of it.


Where should your horse's head be when riding?

A horse should be comfortable as should you while riding. Typically, a horse is comfortable when its head is level, give or take depending on the horse. Any other position can indicate problems.


How do you direct the horse to where you want to go?

A horse is trained to know that the direction you pull the reins is the direction that you are asking it to go in. Pull gently on the left rein, and your horse will turn left. Pull gently on the right, and your horse will listen.


What is one feature of Western-style riding?

The Western style is known for a distinctive horn that is located on the saddle. The horn is there for you to hang on to, but it is not part of the English style of saddle.


Why is it important to be gentle on the reins?

A horse can have a sensitive mouth just like a human, especially since it spends a lot of time with a bit in its mouth. Remember this while you're riding, and try to be as gentle as you can with the reins. Your horse will appreciate it!


What is a good thing to do for your horse after taking the saddle off?

As a little reward for your horse after a good ride, it is great to give it a few treats. Giving it a meal might not be the best thing to do, however. Wait a little bit before feeding to help your horse digest the meal better.


What should you do while riding along a road?

While riding on a road, it is important to make sure that you're visible. Wearing bright clothes can help drivers to see you better and slow down for you and your horse to ensure everyone's safety.


How should you move while jumping your horse?

Jumping your horse is an art that can be hard to master! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have lots of fun jumping along with your gentle giant.


One important part of riding a horse is also being able to lead it. What should you do in order to lead a horse?

A horse is large and could easily step on your foot or toe by accident. In order to avoid this, it’s important to train them to walk beside you, but not on top of you, so that this danger is eliminated.


Which part of the dressing goes around the horse's stomach?

The girth is an important step when saddling your horse. When used properly, the girth will secure the saddle to the horse so that it doesn’t move.


How many natural gaits does a horse have?

A horse naturally has four gaits, but others can be taught to them. The four gaits are the walk, trot, canter and gallop, which all vary in speed. The walk is the slowest, while the gallop is the fastest.


Where should your hands be placed while holding the reins?

Placing your hands at your hips while riding is an important step to learn. Some new riders may find this uncomfortable or weird, but it is helpful when trying to direct a horse.


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