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The four main characters in the classic sitcom "Seinfeld" are memorably bizarre, but the show is also stuffed with absurd side characters. How much do you know about the denizens of the "Seinfeld" universe?

He considers broccoli to be a "vile weed."

Most of the "Seinfeld" gang would also consider Newman to be a vile weed.


He opens a bakery that sells only muffin tops.

Elaine's former boss, Mr. Lippman, totally steals her idea with Top of the Muffin to You!


He loves eating at Mendy's but doesn't think soup counts as a meal.

Jerry loathes Bania but eventually agrees to eat with him at Mendy's.


He claims to have worked for Art Vandelay at Vandelay Industries.

With its first mention in an interview at the unemployment office, the Art Vandelay alias often comes in handy for George.


He is voiced by Larry David but never seen.

George's boss, Steinbrenner, yammers on about various subjects but is seen only from the back.


His real name is Jacopo.

Jacopo "J." Peterman fires Elaine for not liking "The English Patient."


He's a rabid New Jersey Devils fan who loves giving high-fives.

Elaine's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Puddy, is an auto mechanic, but don't call him a grease monkey.


He invented Festivus.

George's dad, Frank, is fluent in Korean and an avid collector of TV Guide issues.


He has a horse-faced son named Jeffrey.

Uncle Leo's son, Cousin Jeffrey, works for the parks department and could possibly be mistaken for a horse.


Jerry suspects that he converted to Judaism just for the jokes.

"Dentist to the Stars" Tim Whatley later accuses Jerry of being an "anti-dentite."


She gets the last marble rye.

Jerry steals the marble rye, but Mabel gets the last laugh when she votes to impeach Morty at Del Boca Vista.


He hates to be called his real name, Bob Cobb.

The Maestro is a conductor for the police orchestra.


He had an affair with John Cheever.

Cheever's letters to Mr. Ross are found in the ashes of Ross' burned cabin.


He reluctantly gives Jerry his astronaut pen.

Klompus gives up the Space Pen but doesn't think Jerry should've accepted it.


He's the gang's lawyer at their trial.

Jackie Chiles was not-so-subtly based on Johnnie Cochran.


It's possible that she has never laughed.

George claims that his mom, Estelle, has never laughed.


Her father is an extremely intimidating novelist who calls George a "chorus boy."

Elaine's dad, Alton Benes, terrifies Jerry and George.


Jerry thinks her name might be Mulva.

Jerry knows Dolores' name rhymes with a female body part, but he can't seem to remember it.


She informs Jerry that "they're real, and they're spectacular."

Jerry spends a lot of time trying to figure out if Sidra's breasts are fake, and she finally announces it to him.


He's totally sure that the Moops invaded Spain.

Donald, better known as "the boy in the bubble," enrages George by insisting that "Moops" is not a typo on the Trivial Pursuit card.


Elaine finds him "spongeworthy."

Billy appeared in only one episode, but it was enough for Elaine to break out a sponge or two for him.


He develops the "bro" with Frank Costanza.

Frank would rather it be called a "manssiere," but Kramer insists on "bro."


He and Kramer become friends while working as soap opera stand-ins.

Mickey and Kramer are buds despite their massive height difference.


She died from licking her cheap wedding envelopes.

Susan and George probably wouldn't have made a great married couple, anyway.


Elaine sprays Binaca in his face to escape his apartment.

Crazy Joe Davola also stalks and tries to attack Jerry.


He challenges Jerry to a weightlifting contest but throws his back out.

Izzy Mandelbaum is forever issuing physical challenges to Jerry.


The heiress to the O. Henry candy fortune, she's also known as "the braless wonder."

Elaine's nemesis Sue Ellen is usually braless but is also known to wear bras as outerwear.


He buys his glasses in Malaysia so he can be sure no one will have the same ones.

Jake Jarmel doesn't take kindly to Mr. Lippman having similar glasses.


He's the inventor of the beltless trench coat.

Morty still has boxes and boxes of his "Executive" raincoats.


He and Rachel Goldstein are ostracized for making out during "Schindler's List."

It's Newman, of course, who blows the whistle on Jerry and Rachel's activities during the sacred movie.


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