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Can dogs predict seizures? Can they successfully alert their owners when an attack is imminent? The debate continues in the medical community until the matter can be proven. Meanwhile, take this quiz and learn about whether dogs can predict seizures.

Which of these can cause epilepsy?

There are a number of causes of this neurological condition, including head trauma and brain malformation.


What is the most common characteristic of epilepsy?

The most common one is involuntary seizures, which are unpredictable and often dangerous.


Dogs that help their owners during and after a seizure are called:

They're called seizure response dogs. They respond to a seizure when it happens, as opposed to seizure alert dogs which can apparently sense an approaching seizure.


According to owners of seizure alert dogs, how much warning time can the dogs give?

They claim that the dogs can sense the seizure within 30 to 45 minutes of it occurring.


How do dogs alert their owners to an impending seizure?

Each dog has its own method. Some bark, while others paw at the ground. Some make circling movements, while others make close eye contact. It's very individual.


Why do some dogs lie next to or on top of their owners when the latter are about to have a seizure?

They do this either to give comfort or to prevent unintentional injury during the course of the attack.


Which of these is a valid theory as to how dogs are able to predict seizures?

Some theorists say that their superior sense of smell is responsible.


How do they train seizure alert dogs?

They don't train them because, according to the experts, it can't be done. What they can train is dogs to assist their owners in the case of a seizure, like bringing the telephone.


A small study discussed in the European Journal of Epilepsy claimed success in training dogs for seizure alert. How much does the medical community accept the results of this study as reliable?

It depends on whom you ask. The results haven't been proven one way or another and opinions differ widely on the subject.


In a 2007 study, what happened when the dog gave warning signals of an impending seizure?

The dog's warning signals actually triggered a seizures instead of predicting one that was going to happen.


It seems that some dogs mistake epileptic seizures for another medical condition. What is it?

The condition is called psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) and it is a psychological, rather than a neurological, one.


What do medical professionals believe with regard to giving seizure alert dogs to people?

They say that the system should be regulated and bound by stringent requirements.


How long does it take to train a seizure response dog?

It takes about two years -- and a ton of money, too.


Does insurance cover the cost of a seizure response dog?

Usually, an insurance company does not cover such a thing.


Of the 100 organizations devoted to training service dogs in the U.S., how many of them train seizure dogs?

Only 20 out of 100 service dog training organizations cater for seizure dogs.


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