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From Dale Carnegie to Tony Robbins to Dr. Phil, the world is full of self-help gurus. And over time, they build up a massive industry of  best-selling books, seminars and infomercials hawking products, all to supposedly improve your own life.

Often, the people that gurus aim to reach are “the other 80 percent” of the population, those folks who don’t have serious problems, but perhaps seek guidance on how to achieve their goals, handle mild depression and situational issues. However, some people with significant mental health issues do look for help from such resources.

Today’s self-help industry continues to evolve into a more fluid school of thought. Although many gurus do still hold live shows and release books, podcasts and webinars have taken a strong foothold as media of choice for people looking to improve emotionally and professionally. One such podcast and general resource is The Art of Charm, which leans away from finger-pointing and vague recommendations, and instead “deconstructs” the habits and attitudes of people who’ve achieved excellence to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The self-help market is burgeoning with tips (and sometimes tricks) from authors and speakers that occasionally become celebrities. How much do you know about self-help gurus? Take our quiz to find out!

Who helped create an empire around "chicken soup for the soul?"

The "Chicken Soup" series has sold more than half a billion copies.


Who is the author of "Outliers" and "The Tipping Point?"

In his book, he touches on the 10,000-hour rule for mastering new skills.


Which guru started his career as a comedy hypnotist?

He also starred in show called "I Can Make You Thin."


Which speaker gave a lecture called "The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams?"

His famous speech is popular on YouTube long after he died of cancer in 2008.


James Ray once gave motivational speeches written by what other motivational writer?

He later developed "Spiritual Warrior" retreats to encourage his adherents.


Which group is often credited with starting the modern self-help movement?

The organization has helped people with substance abuse issues since 1935.


Which self-help speaker was homeless but then wound up on the New York Times Best Seller list in 2000?

He also created a webinar series with Oprah Winfrey.


Which guru died of injuries sustained in a mountain biking accident?

He was wearing a helmet, which sadly did not save his life.


Which self-help radio host was famously dropped by major sponsors after using a racial slur on the air?

She wrote "Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives."


In the early 2000s, about how many different self-help groups were there in America?

The number was about 500,000.


Which guru used the phrase "I'm so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple sources on a continuous basis?"



Jay McGraw is the son of which self-help TV host?

He has written several self-help books, particularly targeted at teens.


Which motivational speaker came to fame through an infomercial called "Personal Power?"

He used extreme tactics, like skydiving, to help people conquer their fears.


Which guru is famous for giving advice to celebrities and promoting healing through alternative medicine?

He stresses that the mind-body relationship is capable of many things, even healing diseases.


Roughly how much do Americans spend on self-help products and services each year?

No matter how you spin the numbers, it's a huge business.


Which guru has a net worth of nearly half a billion dollars?

This is why he owns a resort in Fiji.


Who wrote "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff…and It's All Small Stuff?"

He posited that sometimes a bit of perspective is all you need.


Before becoming a self-help guru, what was one of Les Brown's occupations?

He was in the Ohio House of Representatives.


Who is best known for lecturing on productivity-related subjects?

Allen has also worked as a karate teacher and magician.


In what year did "Chicken Soup for the Soul" first hit bookshelves?

The books are a self-help phenomenon.


Which self-help guru repeated the catchphrase "It's possible!"

He was born in an abandoned building and went to a school where people thought he was incapable of learning.


Who is the author of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway?"

She died in 2012 but her sister helps carry on the message.


How many copies of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" have been sold worldwide?

Since 1989, it's one of the most popular self-help books ever.


Who developed T.E.A.M Therapy?

It stresses that motivation is critical to our thoughts and feelings.


Which guru is known for sometimes asking seminar participants to walk across hot coals?

He wrote "Awake The Giant Within."


Who wrote "How to Win Friends and Influence People?"

It contained the phrase "Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind."


James Arthur Ray was found guilty of negligent homicide of three people who followed him into what area?

He was also accused of hiding millions of dollars in assets.


Who once told Oprah Winfrey that death is an illusion and “who we are is the part of us that is infinite, the part of us that never stops?"

At one point he claimed to be treating his leukemia with "psychic surgery."


Which motivational speaker served in World War II and then worked as a salesman?

He was married to his wife in 1946 until his death in 2012.


Who wrote "Cash in a Flash" with Robert Allen?

He was the co-creator of the "Chicken Soup" series.


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