Quiz: The Ultimate Sensory Processing Disorder Quiz
The Ultimate Sensory Processing Disorder Quiz
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About This Quiz

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a poorly understood condition that affects thousands of children each year. SPD can greatly impact your child's everyday functioning, everything from eating and getting dressed to socializing with peers and succeeding at school. Take this quiz and learn more about this common, yet misunderstood disorder.

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Which of the following activities requires sensory processing?
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What are some difficulties typically experienced by a child with sensory processing disorder?
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What percentage of children experience symptoms related to sensory processing disorder?
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Children with the under-responsive type of SPD may go misdiagnosed as:
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What causes sensory processing disorder?
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Children with SPD may also experience:
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A child with SPD may be labeled as _________ by teachers:
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Children with SPD benefit from:
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What is the goal of occupational therapy for a child with SPD?
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