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You'll be blown away by Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks. Not literally -- the winds aren't that strong-- but these combined parks have magnificent mountains, spectacular sequoia trees and cool canyons, all in one vast area. There are recreational activities galore, so make sure to visit this area during your next family vacation. Take this quiz to learn more about Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.

Who was the superintendent of the parks in the 1920s?

His name was Col. John R. White and he is the one who said: "Don't leave until you have seen it, and this you cannot do from an automobile."


In what state are the Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks?

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks are in California in High Sierra country.


Which of these visitor centers are in the Kings Canyon park?

Grant Grove Visitor Center is in the Kings Canyon Park, whereas Giant Forest Museum and Lodgepole Visitor Center are in the Sequoia Park.


When are the Potwisha Campgrounds open?

The Potwisha Campgrounds are open year-round.


Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in:

Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in the lower 48 states of America.


What is special about the sequoia?

Sequoia trees are the planet's largest living things.


Which canyon is deeper from rim to canyon bed, Kings Canyon or the Grand Canyon?

Kings Canyon is deeper, about half again the depth of the Grand Canyon.


Aside from sequoias, what else grows in the forests at Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks?

Both pine and ponderosa grow in the forests there.


Which national park was established in 1890?

Sequoia National Park was established in 1890; Kings Canyon was established in 1940.


The giant sequoia that was cut down for exhibition in 1875 is called:

It's called Centennial Stump and it was exhibited in Philadelphia for the Centennial in 1875.


The section of the Sierra Nevada mountain range within Sequoia-Kings Canyon has an upheaval of rocky ridges. What are they made of?

They're made of solid granite and they can reach a height of about 13,000 feet (3,962 meters).


Which high-mountain walking trail took 23 years to construct?

John Muir Trail, in a very remote part of high country, took nearly two and a half decades to construct.


How high is the lowest branch of General Sherman?

General Sherman's lowest branch is higher than a 12-story building.


Experts believe that some of the giant sequoias were alive as far back as the time of:

They believe that the trees could be 3,500-4,000 years old, from the time of the Bronze Age.


What is the weakest part of the sequoia?

The roots are the weakest part since they can be quite shallow and allow the tree to topple over in a mild breeze.


Where does the name "sequoia" come from?

It comes from Sequoyah, the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet.


Whereas sequoias used to be considered a subspecies of redwoods, today they are:

Sequoias are recognized today as a species in their own right, not a subspecies of redwoods.


When did logging begin in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks?

Logging began in the 1860s and continued until the turn of the 20th century.


What is the origin of the name "Kings Canyon"?

Kings Canyon bears the same name as the nearby river Rio de los Santos Reyes, named by a Spanish explorer in 1805.


The eastern side of the mountains over Owens Valley was formed by:

It was formed by a series of earthquakes that cracked this sheer side off.


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