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The topic of murder stirs up fear in almost any context, and serial killing tends to multiply that fear to the nth degree. Test your knowledge with this serial killer quiz.

During what decade was the term "serial killer" coined?

Robert Ressler, former director of the FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, coined the term in the mid-1970s.


How are serial killers different from mass murderers?

As opposed to mass murderers, who kill four or more people in a short period of time in the same place, serial killers murder three or more victims with "cooling-off" periods in between.


About how many serial killers have there been in the United States in the past century?

The FBI estimates there have been approximately 400 serial killers responsible for anywhere from 2,526 to 3,680 victims during the last century.


Which of the following is not one of the ways experts classify serial killers?

Although serial killers are classified based on either motive or organizational and social patterns, they don't always fall clearly into either category.


Serial killers who believe they will profit in some way from the murders are called:

Gain killers are a type of process-focused serial killer who murder for a perceived profit.


Most serial killers are:

More than 80 percent of serial killers are white men in their 20s or 30s. They tend to be intelligent and usually target white women.


Which three behaviors are known as the MacDonald triad?

Often, serial killers exhibit three behaviors in childhood known as the MacDonald triad: bed-wetting, arson and cruelty to animals.


Which of the following is not one of the reasons thought to contribute to why a person might become a serial killer?

Although you can never know with certainty why a person kills, childhood abuse, brain injury and insanity have all been attributed to serial murderers.


Patterns that link separate homicides are called:

According to FBI profiler John Douglas, a signature "is a ritual, something the subject does intentionally for emotional satisfaction -- something that isn't necessary to perpetuate the crime."


What is a serial killer's "MO"?

The modus operandi reflects what the serial killer had to do to commit the crime and includes everything from luring and restraining the victim to the exact method of murder.


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