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Have you been dreaming of becoming one of those lucky people who no longer commute to work? If your dream is about to become a reality, you will need the ultimate home office. Take our quiz and learn everything you will need to get started on the road to telecommuting.

What can working at home offer you in terms of your work environment?

Working from home can offer you freedom and flexibility, but you will need to set some ground rules and organize both your work hours and your work space if you are to succeed.


You can claim a home-office deduction on your taxes if you have a _____ space for your office.

In order to claim a home-office deduction on your taxes, you have to set aside a separate space for your office. A separate space is a good idea to help minimize distractions, as well.


What's a good first step when organizing a new home office?

When setting up a new home office, invest in the proper office equipment -- file cabinets, file folders, labels, etc. -- and work out a system for using them.


When working at home, it's best to do most of your work:

If you have control over your work schedule, try to schedule your work hours so they suit your own high productivity cycles when you work at your best.


Which work-at-home rules make sense and will help you get your work done?

Set clear times for eating, exercising and breaks, but if you want to get any work done, it's best to ban surfing the Web from your work computer.


What do most people cite as the single biggest drawback of working full time at home?

To combat the social isolation inherent in working at home, be sure to schedule some interactions with other people into your day. Meet a friend for coffee or join a local health club.


Which hardware can be used in conjunction with a laptop to make it easier to hook up to peripheral devices like a printer?

A docking station remains permanently hooked up to your keyboard, mouse, printer, fax machine, scanner and other peripherals. You plug your laptop into the docking station and you're ready to go; there's no need to plug in a bunch of wires every time you return to your office.


Which type of printer gives you crisp, high quality black and white documents?

For top quality, fast and inexpensive black and white document printing, choose a laser printer.


Which printer is most cost effective for printing high quality color charts and graphs?

If you need good quality text, color charts or photos at a reasonable cost, choose a good inkjet printer. A color laser printer will get the job done also, but costs a lot more.


If you don't have a fax machine, what is a high-tech alternative for sending documents?

If you don't have a fax machine, you can make use of an online faxing service such as E-Fax to send your documents.


Which type of disk can store up to 250 Mb?

You might want to consider a removable media storage device such as the Zip™ drive by Iomega™ for your home office. Data is written to the disk just like it would be to a floppy diskette, but the Zip™ drive can store up to 250 Mb of data.


Which type of modem uses your phone line but does not tie up your line?

A DSL modem uses your phone line but does not tie up your line, while a cable modem uses the same cable as your cable television. DSL and cable modems need special connections


What's the biggest disadvantage of using an all-in-one printer, fax, scanner and copier?

If space is limited in your home office, an all-in-one printer, fax, scanner and copier might be right for you. However, if one part of it breaks down, you'll have to do without the other functions until it can be repaired.


Which type of software program can you use to send e-mails from your office computer?

If you use an e-mail program provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you may have to change addresses if you change ISPs. If you use a program such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Eudora, you won't have to.


Which type of software program is helpful when reviewing the work of others?

When reviewing formatted documents submitted by co-workers or outside designers, Portable Document Format (PDF) reader software like Adobe Acrobat Reader, allows you to view, search, print and collaborate on their files.


What is the biggest advantage of using an e-mail address from sites like HotMail or Yahoo?

You can get e-mail addresses from sites like HotMail or Yahoo. These addresses are free and the advantage of having one is that you don't have to change it if you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


If you want a professional-sounding address for your home-based business, what are your options?

If you want a professional sounding address for your home-based business, you can rent a post office box or you can use a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) mailbox service that gives you a corporate-sounding address and a suite number.


What is the best solution for client meetings when you work from home?

If you need a professional place to meet your clients, consider leasing an Executive Suite that provides you with a receptionist, meeting rooms and other office services. You can rent similar spaces on an hourly basis ,as well.


Which type of communication technology allows you to participate in a video presentation halfway around the world?

Teleconferencing, used in conjunction with Internet presentation software, allows you to communicate with several people while simultaneously viewing the same presentation from different locations around the globe.


Which communication technology allows you to "chat" with other people in real time over the Web?

With instant messaging, you can have a free discussion with one or more people anywhere in the world. Just sign in and start "chatting."


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