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Think you know your way around the board game Settlers of Catan? Take a 20-question quiz and prove it.

Which country does the board game Settlers of Catan hail from?

Settlers of Catan is a 1990s product of Germany's rich board game market.


Speaking of Germany, which of the following is NOT a hallmark of German-style board games?

German game mechanics tend to favor nonviolence, cooperation and invigorative thinking for the whole family. Doesn't that sound fun?


Who designed Settlers of Catan?

The game is the brainchild of Klaus Teuber, who back in 1991 was a German dental technician with a passion for game design.


Enough with the generalities. Let's see how much you know about game play itself. How many tiles make up the island of Catan in a typical game?

In the beginner setup, the island of Catan is made up of 19 land tiles and surrounded by 18 water tiles.


How many terrain types dot the island of Catan?

The island is a virtual sampler platter of terrain types with six found on Catan: forest, pasture, fields, hills, mountains and desert.


What's the name of the ominous black figure who begins each game in the desert?

The black-robed nemesis is the Robber, who disrupts resource production as he moves around the board.


What roll of the dice does the Robber need in order to spread mayhem in the game?

Roll a 7, and you'll get to move the Robber to the terrain of your choice and take one random resource card from any one hapless player with a settlement adjacent to that terrain.


How much does it cost to build a road in Settlers of Catan?

In order to build a road, you'll have to spend one lumber and one brick resource card.


How much does it cost to construct a city in Settlers of Catan?

You'll have to spend two grain and three ore if you want to upgrade a settlement into a city.


Looking to get some more points? The largest army card enters the mix after the first player uses this number of soldier cards.

The first player to play a third soldier card receives the largest army card, worth two victory points.


Some players like to shoot for the longest road card, too. That helpful card comes into play when the first player achieves a continuous road of how many pieces?

The first player to achieve a continuous road of five or more pieces snags the longest road card, but that doesn't mean it's safe for the rest of the game.


How many victory points must you accumulate before you can declare yourself (not obnoxiously, of course) the winner?

You'll need to earn a total of 10 victory points to win in a typical game. Start building settlements, cities and roads and amassing armies, players!


If you do prove yourself crafty enough to win a game of Settlers of Catan, what title do you assume?

Lord of Catan is what they'll be calling you when you win, according to the official rules booklet. Bow down, lowly peasants!


Catan's massive popularity has led to many expansion sets and special editions. Which of the following is NOT an expansion set for Settlers of Catan?

Seafarers of Catan and Cities and Knights of Catan are both actual expansion sets. Catan Afterdark, however, is best left to the imagination.


In what year does the sci-fi variant of the game Starfarers of Catan take place?

Even a futuristic Catan is a family-friendly Catan, far from the violence of the 2000 AD British comics line and the Warhammer 40000 game universe.


There's even a Bible-themed Catan! What is its official title?

Published in 2002, Settlers of Canaan gives players a Bible-based game experience.


Occasionally, characters and events inject outside influences into special editions of good old Catan. Which of the following IS NOT an actual release?

Sorry, Tolkien fans, Middle-earth has yet to receive the Settlers of Catan treatment.


Mayfair Games published a special-edition version of Settlers of Catan that contained what kind of game pieces?

Limited to 5,000 copies, the Settlers of Catan: 3D Edition features 3-D terrain tiles.


The year 2005 saw the release of a new Klaus Teuber game about The First City of Catan. What was the name of this city?

This one was tricky! There is a Catan game titled Candamir: The First Settlers, but the one we're interested in here is Elasund: The First City.


What does Settlers of Catan go by on Xbox Live?

Simply called Catan, this version allows Xbox 360 owners to get in on all the trading action. No tables required!


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