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If you're going to collect something, why not shark teeth? Many shark teeth are prehistoric and have a fascinating look to them. Take our quiz to learn more about the fun you can have collecting shark teeth.

The shark tooth capital of the world is located where?

You can go to any beach in search of shark's teeth, but "the" place to go is Venice, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico.


How many bones does a shark have?

Sharks do not have any bones at all; their skeletons are made of cartilage.


What happens to a dead shark's remains over time?

Cartilage, fat, and muscle all dissolve over time in the ocean's salt water, leaving only the teeth, which eventually wash up on the beach.


What materials are shark teeth made of?

Sharks teeth are made of dentine and enamel, which do not dissolve in salt water.


Why does a shark's tooth fall out so easily?

Human teeth remain in place because of their roots; shark teeth do not have roots, so they fall out easily and often.


Approximately how many rows of teeth do sharks have?

A shark will have anywhere between five and 15 rows of teeth at any given time in its life.


For how long does a shark usually keep one tooth?

Sharks have so many teeth that no one tooth is very important. Sharks will keep a tooth for about a week.


For how long do scientists believe sharks have been roaming the depths?

Sharks have been around for more than 400 million years, making most shark teeth fossils.


How long does it take a shark tooth to fossilize?

A shark tooth will fossilize at the bottom of the ocean over the course of 10,000 years.


What protects shark teeth from oxygen and bacteria while they are in the water?

When one of these teeth hits the bottom of the ocean it often gets covered with sandy sediment, which protects it while it fossilizes.


The most valuable shark teeth are those of which shark?

The teeth of a megalodon, a giant pre-historic shark, are always in high demand, and are considered the most valuable of shark teeth.


What is the average length of a great white shark?

Great whites are anywhere from seven to 20 feet long.


What was the average length of a megalodon?

The average megalodon was more than 60 feet long, making it large even by prehistoric standards. It was larger, for instance, than the T-Rex!


How big can a megalodon tooth be?

One megalodon tooth can be as much as seven inches long, and its size is one of the main factors in determining its value.


How much can a megalodon tooth weigh?

A fossilized megalodon tooth will often weigh about one pound.


The six to 12-inch drop in the floor of the sea, where the surf goes back into the sea, is known as what?

Where the surf turns inward there is usually a drop in the floor of the sea. This area, known as a wash-in, is the place to go to look for collectables -- shark teeth in particular.


Is there a particular time of day that's best for fossil searching?

During high tide the water moves around so aggressively at the wash-in that you can't really hope to see, let alone grab, anything. Wait for morning low tide, when things are calm and quiet.


You will have more success if you look for shark teeth after what?

Storms kick up a lot of stuff from deep in the ocean, and as the water settles, some of these items end up on or near the shore. Try looking for shark teeth after a big storm.


Which American town is known for having many of the largest megalodon teeth in the world?

The beaches along the coast of Bakersfield, California are home to many of the world's largest shark teeth.


The Jimmy Buffet crowd enjoys using shark's teeth for what?

Many people, including the Buffet crowd, make jewelry out of shark teeth -- necklaces are the most popular.


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