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Cluttered shelves is something we all have to deal with sooner or later. To gain insight into ways and means of organizing, take this quiz.

What is it that gives joy to bibliophiles?

Apparently nothing gives more joy than shelves stocked full of books.


Can you think of what could cause a book lover frustration?

Not being able to find a particular book can cause frustration.


What effect can rows of books wedged together in formation have on the beholder?

These rows and rows of books wedged together can be tiring to the eye.


For the most attractive arrangement of your books, what should you do?

Organize your books and choose what you want to display.


What are the rules of esthetic book arranging?

There are no rules, there are only suggestions. It's all a matter of personal taste.


Should bookshelves be used only for books?

It is a good idea to have a visual break from the books by displaying ornaments here and there.


How can you organize a child's shelves, where you find myriad irregular items?

Use attractively shaped and colored baskets, that are clearly marked. Careful choice of these baskets will help make them an integral part of the décor.


Artists and photographers sometimes use what is called the Rule of Thirds. What is it?

The picture area is divided into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. The meeting points of these thirds are where items of interest should be placed.


And how, if at all, can you apply this to giving more style to your bookshelves?

Add visual interest to your shelves by adding items that will be focal points at imaginary meeting points of the thirds. These items could be clocks, vases, plants or collectibles.


Is it a good idea to use living plants on your bookshelves?

The moisture and sunlight required to nourish plants are detrimental to the books.


When organizing bookshelves and collectibles, what is another important guiding principle?

Keep fragile items on higher shelves, out of reach of curious young hands.


How can you utilize the shelving system to help keep your living room tidy?

Install drawers or suitable baskets under the lower shelves for toys, remotes, magazines, crossword puzzles and anything else that needs a home.


In which other room in the house can baskets provide discrete storage?

A basket can be effectively used in the bathroom to organize personal care items for which there is no cabinet space.


What is the DDC and how is it be relevant to a home office?

The Dewey Decimal Classification system is used by libraries to organize books in a logical orderly way. Let's just do it in a logical, orderly way without the fancy title.


How can you begin to organize your books in a functional rather than decorative manner?

One way is to have the most used books on the easiest to access shelves, while the others rest on the highest and lowest shelves.


Now you have the basic organizational structure, how can you refine the system to make it more efficient?

You could divide the books into three basic categories: fiction, non-fiction and reference.


What is the best way of arranging your most frequently used reference books?

Once the frequently used books are accessible you may want to arrange them according to subject matter.


If your shelves have to store office supplies what can you do to keep things under control?

Use a set of matching decorative containers to store your pens, paperclips, staplers and so on.


How can you solve the problem of open-ended bookshelves and also add a little style.

You could use collectibles, such as an antique camera or a mineral sample, as book stops.


Designer Allison Spears apparently favors the distinctive blue boxes from a posh jewelry retailer to hold stuff and act as a focal point. Is this absolutely necessary?

Do what works for you no matter what any designer favors.


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