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How savvy of a shopper are you? Take our savvy shopper quiz here.

What's a working woman's best buy that will perform well at the office as well as for a night out on the town?

The jacket or blazer is easily the most versatile. The shoes may not always be comfortable for the office, and the skirt may not work year-round.


Working women are often concerned that when they go out after their outfit will look too stiff. Which of these styles maneuvers can help her lose the office look?

Take off that jacket, throw on some sexy shoes and jewelry, and you're ready to party!


How can you best accessorize a conservative dress?

Bold accessories can perfectly balance a conservative dress.


Should a woman with green eyes buy a purple shirt? Is it OK to mix vibrant eye color with mismatching bold colors?

Color is a good thing, and it's wise to experiment when choosing an outfit.


In the summertime heat, which material will keep both women and men feeling fresh and cool as well as fashionable?

Because cotton is natural it breathes and keeps you cool even on the hottest summer days. And with all the fabulously fashionable cotton sundresses you can look good from day to evening. But remember to always check the label and make sure it's cotton so you don't get caught in a mystery fabric!


Should a thin-framed woman buy a large belt or a thinner one?

Belt size should be proportionate to body size.


If a woman can only buy 1 bag for the season what type should it be?

The neutral color will be easier to match with more outfits.


A woman wants to buy a necklace that will go with her blouse. What length should she buy?

A necklace should complement the neckline of the blouse.


Which is more appropriate for a moderately casual office?

The advent of the trouser-cut jean makes denium much more workable for the office. Paired with the right blouse or shirt, premium jeans convey a look that is creative and individual, yet professional. The category of premium khakis, too, is offering the 24/7 professional versatile looks rich with easy-care options.


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