Quiz: The History of Shotguns Quiz
The History of Shotguns Quiz
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From pump-action to semiautomatics, "scatterguns" have been useful tools and weapons for centuries. How much do you know about shotguns?

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What was the first true purpose for shotguns?
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Why are shotgun bore sizes expressed as gauge instead of metric or decimal measurements, like most guns?
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Who designed the Winchester Model 1897?
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Parker Brothers Guns began manufacturing shotguns following which war?
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Alexander John Forsyth is renowned for improving which aspect of shotguns?
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"Super magnum" shotguns use shells of which size?
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When did lead-free shotgun shells first gain traction around the world?
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In which war did American troops first widely use 12-gauge shotguns?
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In what decade did paper shells begin to replace brass shells?
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Which company marketed its product as "The World's Finest Shotgun?"
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In addition to being lighter than lead, what is another drawback to steel shot?
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What spurred the development of non-toxic shotgun pellets?
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How long was the Herfurth Cannon, a type of punt gun?
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When did the legendary Remington 870 first hit the retail market?
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About how many copies of the Remington 870 have been sold?
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In which year was the first pump-action shotgun patented?
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What event triggered a comeback for the 10-gauge shotgun?
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M1030 shotgun shells are specifically made for which purpose?
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What style of shotgun was the Winchester Model 1887?
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Sawed-off shotguns generally have a barrel length of less than how many inches?
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From what material were the first shotgun shells made?
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How long were some of the earliest (single-user) shotguns?
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In which decade did plastic become a popular shotgun shell construction material?
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In which country was the double-barrel, side-by-side shotgun invented?
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Which company manufactured the first successful repeating shotgun?
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