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These famous firearms have been used for centuries all over the world. How much do you know about shotguns?

What contemporary shotgun gauge is the most popular?

A 12-gauge shell contains 1/12 of a pound of lead, thus the naming convention.


A 12-gauge load delivers roughly the same energy as how many rounds from a .45 automatic Colt pistol?

That enormous force is useful for both hunting and self-defense.


Expressed as gauge, the .410 bore shotgun is what size?

This is the smallest version of a common shotgun shell that you can buy.


Compared with a 12-gauge shotgun, how much LESS recoil does a 20-gauge have?

Yet they deliver about 75 percent of the lead load of a 12-gauge shell, making 20-gauges powerful but easier on your body.


Compared to 3-inch shells, how much benefit do 3.5-inch shells offer in terms of performance benefit?

These bigger shells don't add much value for performance … but they will increase recoil (and pain).


What is the purpose of the wad inside a shotgun shell?

The wad keeps the gunpowder at the base of the shell, where the primer can ignite it.


A tighter choke has what effect on a shotgun's pellet pattern?

A tighter pattern is often more effective, particularly for more distant targets.


At which range is a shotgun's pattern typically measured?

The best shotguns create a uniform shot pattern at this range.


For what purpose are "bean bag" shotgun shells used?

The less-lethal loads pack a horrible sting but are less likely to kill people.


What is the diameter of a No. 000 buckshot pellet?

These huge pellets are about as big as shotgun pellets get.


A 2.5-ounce shell with No. 000 buckshot might contain about how many pellets?

It is a lot of large lead to throw at any target.


The barrels on double-barreled shotguns are perfectly parallel to each other.

They are oriented so that the shot converges at a point about 40 yards in front of the muzzle.


Smaller shot more easily penetrates a target.

Shot size is not relevant. What matters is weight and velocity.


What is the average trigger pull weight of a modern shotgun?

The higher the trigger pull weight, the harder it is to fire a shot.


What is the purpose of brass bases on contemporary shotgun shells?

The base is mostly for traditional looks; all-plastic shells don't require those bases.


What's the primary characteristic of a "dragon's breath" shotgun shell?

These are like fireworks for your shotgun and must be used in locations with low possibility of wildfire.


When you're hunting turkeys, you're most likely to use which choke?

The tighter pattern is best for knocking down a large bird like a turkey.


What is a major drawback to sawed-off shotguns?

The shorter barrel means much less accuracy, particularly because the choke is near the end of the barrel.


Rifled shotguns are used to shoot which kinds of loads?

Without the rifling, the slugs would be far less accurate.


Compared to a .44 Magnum handgun, how much power does a 20-gauge shotgun have?

These shotguns, although lighter than 12-gauges, have a high level of stopping power.


Why are slugs or buckshot required in many localities that don't allow rifles?

Especially in areas where there are a lot of people, the shorter range can prevent accidental shootings and save lives.


What is a primary purpose of a sawed-off shotgun?

The shorter barrel is easier and faster to swing around in a frantic and cramped scenario.


A 10-gauge shotgun is more powerful than a 20-gauge shotgun.

10-gauge versions are less common because they are heavier and more unwieldly, but they also pack a huge punch.


A "break-open" shotgun can generally hold a maximum of how many shells?

A side-by-side or over-under can carry one shell for each barrel.


Buckshot would be best for hunting which animal?

These large, heavy loads are meant for bigger targets, such as deer or coyotes.


The velocity of magnum shells is greater than that of normal shells.

Magnum shells typically throw shot at the same speed as a regular shell.


What is the primary advantage of a magnum shell?

They don't hit a target with more energy but they do have more shot, and as a result, they have better pattern density.


You can shoot slugs through a regular smoothbore shotgun.

Some special slugs even have their own rifling right on the slug to make them more accurate.


If you're taking a long shot at a heavily-feathered game bird, you'll mostly likely to use shells with which shot size?

The bigger, heavier shot travels farther and goes straighter.


Pellets from a 20-gauge shotgun decelerate more quickly than those fired from a 12-gauge.

The velocity is virtually the same; it's just that the payload from a 20-gauge is lighter.


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