Quiz: Show Us Your Hockey Smarts by Acing This NHL Quiz!
Show Us Your Hockey Smarts by Acing This NHL Quiz!
By: Kale Havervold
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About This Quiz

Hockey has long been among the most popular sports in Canada, and is seemingly becoming more popular in the USA and the rest of the world as well. It is unlike any sport out there and is capable of producing some outstanding moments. The NHL is also full of some of the greatest and toughest athletes on the planet. 

Also, with more than 100+ years of history in the NHL, it is among the longest active professional sports leagues in North America and has a ton of history as a result. If you fancy yourself a sports history buff, the NHL is the perfect place to challenge yourself.  In order to truly consider yourself a hockey expert, you need to be aware of the rules, stats, players of the game and so much more. 

Think you've got what it takes? Know who has scored the most goals in an NHL season or how long a player spends in the penalty box for a double minor? How about which goalie has the most wins ever or who has the most Stanley Cup wins? This quiz is sure to test even the brightest hockey mind. 

Without any further ado, read on and challenge yourself on our quiz of all things relating to hockey and the NHL.

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Who has the most goals in an NHL season?
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Out of all the players in NHL history, who has the most Stanley Cup wins as a player?
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Who has the most penalty minutes in NHL history?
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How long are minor penalties like Hooking, Interference, Charging etc..?
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Which team has won the most Stanley Cups ever?
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The oldest player to score a goal in the NHL is...?
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Who is the shortest player in NHL history?
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Which player was the first goalie to popularize wearing a mask?
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Who is the current (as of 2018) captain of the Edmonton Oilers?
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Which team wasn't a part of the 1983 NHL Draft?
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Who is the tallest player to ever play in the NHL?
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This man has scored the most points as a defenseman in his career.
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Who has won the most Hart Trophies in their career?
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Which goalie has the most career regular season wins?
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This coach has won more regular season games than anyone else, who is he?
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Who has played the most games in NHL history?
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Who has won the Vezina more than anyone else in history?
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How long is a "Double Minor" penalty?
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As of today, what happens if a game is tied after 3 periods?
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Which player has taken home the most James Norris Memorial Trophies?
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Which player scored the most points in a single game?
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What is the highest number of goals scored by a single team in an NHL game?
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Where is the Hockey Hall of Fame located?
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Which goalies was the first to score an NHL goal off his own shot?
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What is the record for the most saves in an NHL game?
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When both the Canucks and Sabres joined the NHL in 1970, how was it decided who would get the 1st overall pick?
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Which team holds the record for longest winning streak?
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How many times has the NHL experienced a lockout caused by a labor dispute?
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Who was the last NHL player to play without a helmet?
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How many faceoff spots are there on the ice during an NHL game?
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How many games are there in a standard NHL season?
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Who has scored the most career NHL points?
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In Detroit, it is tradition to throw what animal on the ice?
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Who was the oldest 50 goal scorer in history?
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Who was the youngest player to be named captain of their team?
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