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Think you can pass our 'Simpsons' character quiz? Test your knowledge to see if you're a true fan of the iconic animated series.

What is Comic Book Guy's Real Name?

You didn't think his birth certificate said "Comic Book Guy," did you? Writers revealed him as Jeff Albertson, though creator Matt Groening later told an interviewer that he always imagined his name to be Louis Lane.


What’s the name of everyone's favorite cat hoarder, also known as "Crazy Cat Lady?"

Burned out after graduating from both medical and law school, Eleanor Abernathy turned to cat hoarding to cope, and occassionally uses her pets as projectiles.


What is the real name of the Duff Beer spokesman Duff Man?

In a convenient twist, the original Duff Beer spokesman -- known for his catchphrase "Oh Yeah!" -- is actually named Barry Duffman, although he's also been referred to as Barry Huffman.


What was the name of Bart's pet elephant?

After winning a radio contest, Bart picked a pet elephant -- later named Stampy -- over the $10,000 case prize.


What is the real name of the sea captain?

Horatio Peter McCallister, aka the sea captain, runs an all-you-can-eat restaurant called The Frying Dutchman.


What is the name of the squeaky-voiced teen?

Jeremy Freedman, known to fans as simply Squeaky Voice Teen, works a variety of typical teen jobs: fast food employee, movie theater box office clerk and several retail positions.


What longtime character was revealed to be Jeremy Freedman's mother?

In Season 7, Episode 12, quick-minded viewers may notice that Lunchlady Doris is actually the Squeaky Voice Teen's mother.


What are the names of the "Tom and Jerry" style cat and mouse cartoon duo on "The Simpsons?"

"Itchy and Scratchy" serves as a show-within-a-show on "The Simpsons." They were briefly joined by an animated dog character named Poochie, who was voiced by Homer Simpson himself.


What was the birth name of town founder Jebediah Springfield?

In Season 7, Lisa discovers that town hero Jebediah Springfield was really a pirate named Hans Sprungfeld.


Who takes on the role of Krusty's sidekick when Sideshow Bob deserts the show to pursue a life of crime?

Melvin Van Horne, aka Sideshow Mel, takes over for Sideshow Bob, who mostly spends his time trying to kill Bart Simpson.


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