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Skateboarding was born from the minds of bored surfers in Southern California who sought some fun when waves were lame. Now it's a top extreme sport and part of a multimillion dollar industry. Dust off your deck and see how much you know.

The first skateboard was built in what year?

While the sport's popularity grew in the 1970s, it was invented in 1967.


Who was the first person to complete a 900-degree aerial rotation?

Stacy Peralta could only dream of doing what Tony Hawk did when he nailed the first 900.


Skateboarding was originally called what?

If you know your skateboarding history, then you probably know that it was called sidewalk surfing in its formative years.


More than half of the skateboarders in the United States live in what state?

It was invented in California, and that state remains the hottest spot for skateboarding.


Which body part is most often injured while skateboarding?

Because of a skater's tendency to break his or her fall, a wrist injury is most common.


Skateboarding was banned for more than 20 years because of injury rates in what country?

Norway banned the sale of skateboards from 1978 to 1989.


The first skate park was built in which California town?

There are skate parks all over Southern California, but the first one was built in Carlsbad.


How many skateboard decks are manufactured each month in the United States?

Showing how popular the sport has become, half a million decks are cut and sanded every month.


How many people are estimated to take part in skateboarding in the United States each year?

The third most popular sport for teenagers, 9.3 million kids take to the streets each year on a skateboard.


How much money is generated by the skateboarding industry each year?

Hope you guessed high in this case. It's a $3 billion industry.


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