Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Skin Moisturizing
Fact or Fiction: Skin Moisturizing
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Moisturizing. It's a chore, but the experts agree: If you don't do it regularly, your skin will suffer. But there are so many different kinds -- what's right for you? This quiz could give you a little more confidence in the moisturizer aisle.

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After a shower or bath, you should towel off completely before applying moisturizer.
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You should never put straight petroleum jelly on your skin.
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A cleanser that contains hyaluronic acid will moisturize your face as it cleans it.
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Moisturizers with retinoids are some of the best anti-aging products because they protect against sun damage.
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When it comes to body lotions, one good ingredient to look for is sodium lauryl sulfate.
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As a rule of thumb, people with very dry skin should use moisturizers that come in tubs as opposed to pump bottles.
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If you have dry skin or eczema, look for moisturizers that contain glycerin or lactic acid.
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Hand and face creams often have many of the same ingredients.
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