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Are you a summer, autumn, winter or spring, and what does that even mean? Test what you know about matching colors with your skin (and hair) tone in our quiz.

Which pair is used to describe skin tones?

There are only two skin tones: cool and warm.


What color will your veins appear if your skin tone is warm?

If your skin is warm, your veins will appear green because your skin has yellow undertones.


True or false: You can use gold and silver jewelry to determine your skin tone.

True. Hold gold and silver pieces of jewelry up to your skin. If gold stands out you have a warm skin tone. If it's the silver, your skin tone is cool.


What lip colors work best on fair skin?

Pink and nude lip colors, as well as cherry red, look best on people with fair skin.


Which is an example of a warm hair color?

People with warm skin tones should choose warm hair color, such as auburn.


According to Fitzpatrick's scale, how many skin types are there?

Fitzpatrick's scale includes six skin types, ranging from light to black.


What percentage of your hair is always growing?

Ninety percent of your hair is always growing while 10 percent is resting at any given time.


What color base should your nail polish have if you have fair skin?

Choose a nail polish color with a blue base if you have fair skin, such as those with "berry" in their name.


What color should you avoid if you have a winter skin tone?

While black and blue look great with a winter skin tone, light brown does not.


Complete this sentence: "Light skin tones look better in ..."

While taste may vary, as a rule of thumb, light skin tones look better in dark colors.


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