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A nice way to brighten up a room and to make it appear larger is to add a skylight. A skylight is also a great way to bring in more sunshine and to reap benefits that the sun can provide. If you do not already have a skylight, perhaps now is the time to consider adding one.

What is the main benefit of adding one or more skylights in your home?

Adding skylights can make rooms in your home feel brighter and more spacious. Extra natural sunlight can also improve health and give a feeling of wellbeing.


What is the reason that sun can make people feel happier and healthier?

Exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase production of vitamin D and to increase levels of serotonin a natural hormone that contributes to a feeling of well-being.


Besides allowing extra light in to your home, what other significant benefit can windows and skylights provide?

Although windows and skylights can reduce the cost of artificial lighting and air conditioning expense, the significant benefit is lower heating costs in winter months. Increased sunlight entering a home in the winter can raise temperatures considerably.


When studying the possibility of installing skylights, what is a major consideration that you must keep in mind?

Since skylights are installed in an opening through your ceiling, there will be no insulation in that area. It is very important to consider installing skylights with a high insulation rating or R-factor so you gain heat in the winter rather than losing it.


What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), often referred to as the wintertime blues, affects many people who live in the Northern Hemisphere to various degrees. Skylights can help relieved symptoms, as greater exposure to sun or use of special lamps are often prescribed to address this affliction.


Because of a skylight's location on a ceiling, what other benefit can it provide day or night?

Skylights that open provide a great source of room cooling ventilation. By nature, hot air rises so an opening in the ceiling will allow hot air gathered there escape.


Is the installation of a skylight a do-it-yourself kind of project?

Installing a skylight is best left for a professional installer. To install a skylight properly a person must go on a roof and will require the proper equipment.


What affect can a skylight that has not been properly installed have on your home?

A skylight must be properly installed so that it does not affect the structural strength or integrity of your roof. Since it will be installed in an opening in your roof you also need to insure a waterproof installation.


What is the general term that manufacturers use to describe how a skylight or window is created?

Manufacturers refer to the types of skylights and windows by their glazing. The type of glazing determines the cost and the effects that the window has on sunlight passing through it.


What is the typical glazing method employed in skylights today?

Almost all skylights manufactured today employ glass glazing and plastic is rarely if ever used. Plastic tends to warp, discolor and scratch easily which has made it an unpopular choice.


Glass used for skylight construction must be:

Glass used to construct skylights must be made of safety glazing material to meet building codes. Safety glazing material used in skylights is either tempered glass or laminated glass.


What is a unique feature of tempered glass besides being harder to break than regular glass?

Tempered glass will shatter in to small pebble sized pieces without sharp edges. Modern car windows are usually made from tempered glass, but not the windshields.


What is another benefit of laminated glass besides holding together when it is broken?

Lamination material between the sheets of glass provides laminated windows with a much higher sound insulation rating than tempered glass. Lamination also blocks 99 percent of transmitted UV light, which could damage furniture.


What is the unit of measure that rates the amount of heat from sunlight that a skylight blocks?

The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is a measure of the capability of a tinted surface to block heat from sunlight. The climate in your area will determine what number you choose for a skylights SHGC, the lower the number the more heat from the sun that is blocked.


Approximately how many people fall through skylights in America each year?

According to USGlass News Network, there are roughly 86 falls through skylights each year in America. As many as 36 of these falls are fatal and most falls occur during some kind of construction.


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