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The '60s era was a time of incredible social strife that produced equally unforgettable music. The bands and musicians of that decade left a permanent impression on popular culture around the world. How much do you know about '60s rock stars?

Eric Clapton was a part of which 60s band?

Clapton was both singer and guitarist for Cream. The band's 1968 album "Wheels of Fire" became one of the decade's biggest sellers.


Which 60s band gained a reputation for destroying their instruments on stage?

The Who considered themselves true artists. The act of wrecking their instruments on stage was part of their rock performances.


Which rock star was drafted into the military at the end of the 1950s?

Elvis Presley, who was already a celebrity, was drafted in 1958. Two years later, he restarted his music career and then became one of the biggest names in rock history during the 60s.


Which famous band formed in 1962 in London?

The Rolling Stones didn't get their start until 1962 but they immediately rocketed to fame. By the mid-60s they had fans all over the world.


What was James Brown's nickname?

Brown was the Godfather of Soul, known for hits such "Night Train" and "Cold Sweat." He brought a soulful feeling to rock music of the era.


Which city spawned 60s icons Jefferson Airplane?

San Francisco was a flashpoint for the 60s counter-culture, and it's fitting that the city gave rise to Jefferson Airplane. The band had hits like "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit."


David Crosby was part of which 60s band?

Crosby played guitar and sang for The Byrds. After his stint with that band, he went on to Crosby, Stills & Nash.


Which 60s rockstar was a former paratrooper?

Hendrix was a paratrooper in the famed 101st Airborne Division. He received an honorable discharge in 1962.


Who was NOT a part of The Who's original lineup?

Keith Moon (not Keith Sun) was the first drummer for The Who. His crazy behavior gained him the nickname "Moon the Loon," and he eventually died from a drug overdose.


Which rock star once said his band had become "More popular than Jesus"?

The Beatles' John Lennon once told an interviewer that the band was "more popular than Jesus," a statement that caused an uproar amongst religious-minded listeners.


Syd Barrett helped found which rock band?

Barrett, along with Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright were the founding members of Pink Floyd, which formed in 1965. They went on to immense fame thanks to an album titled "The Dark Side of the Moon."


Why did Syd Barrett leave Pink Floyd?

Barrett had a strange personality fitting for the experimental band. But his heavy drug use and mental issues caused him to leave before the end of the 60s.


How many No. 1 albums did Jimi Hendrix have to his credit?

Hendrix has a reputation as one of the greatest guitarists of all-time, but he had just a single No. 1 album -- "Electric Ladyland."


Which band was originally known as the New Yardbirds?

Led Zeppelin was originally called the New Yardbirds. The new band name (along with a better record deal) launched them to fame.


Al Kooper was part of which band?

Al Kooper was a fundamental part of Blood, Sweat & Tears … and then left the band before they gained fame. He went on to a very successful solo career.


What rank did Elvis have when he was discharged from the Army in 1960?

Elvis had no qualms about his conscription. He was happy to serve his country in the Army. He ascended to the rank of sergeant before his honorable discharge.


Mike Pinder plays which instrument for The Moody Blues?

Pinder helped found The Moody Blues in the 60s as their keyboardist and singer. He left the group at the end of the 70s due to personal conflicts but later returned and still plays for the legendary group.


Which rock stars helped to popularize long hair in the 1960s?

The Beatles had a shaggy look throughout the 60s and took plenty of scorn for their lengthy locks. But long hair caught on and became a symbol of the counterculture.


Which member of The Beach Boys left the band in the 60s due to drug issues?

Brian Wilson was one of the band's biggest creative forces but he struggled with substances and mental health. His role was greatly diminished as he left the band to attempt rehab.


For most of his life, James Brown took which stance on drug use during his band's tours?

Brown publicly shunned substances and forbade his bandmates from using during shows. Ironically, later in his career he struggled with drugs himself.


Robert Plant served in which role for Led Zeppelin?

Plant was lead singer and also wrote most lyrics for the band. Many songs feature creative and vague symbolic references.


Which rock band was started partly by two brothers?

Creedence Clearwater Revival featured brothers John and Tom Fogerty. The brothers famously disagreed about band matters ... and Tom left in 1970.


Led Zeppelin released nine studio albums. How many of those albums broke into the Billboard Top 10 ?

Led Zeppelin was constantly pushing musical boundaries, to great commercial effect. All nine of their studio albums made it into Billboard's Top 10.


Brian Jones was the original leader of which band?

Jones founded The Rolling Stones, but his substance abuse issues and the emergence of Keith Richards and Mick Jaggers drastically diminished his role in the band.


Which 60s band was the first to inspire "mania"?

In the 60s, the Beatles inspired Beatlemania, wild devotion from their crazed fans, who showed up in droves wherever the band went. The band members famously complained that its audiences cheered so raucously they drowned out the music.


Which rock star spent nine months in prison on drug charges?

David Crosby has had legendary substance abuse issues during his turbulent career. Thanks to drug and weapons charges he served nine months in prison in Texas.


Which rock star had a musical friendship with serial killer Charles Manson?

Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys knew Charles Manson for a few months, and Manson was infuriated that Wilson didn't credit him on one album. Wilson reportedly wound up terrified of Manson's antics and couldn't be persuaded to testify at his eventual murder trial.


Which song did Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty write immediately after being discharged from National Guard service?

CCR created many counterculture songs, but Fogerty penned "Proud Mary" in days right after his military service. The song relates the narrator's journey of ditching "the man" for a new life.


"Turn! Turn! Turn!" was performed by which 60s band?

Formed in 1964, The Byrds had huge hits like "Turn! Turn! Turn!" a cover of a song originally recorded by Pete Seeger. They broke up in the early 70s.


Which 60s rock star fathered a baby at the age of 73?

Mick Jagger fathered his eighth child, this one with ballerina Melania Hamrick, in 2016. He is 43 years older than the mother of his child.


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