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From our blender to our toaster and our hair dryer to our fan, small appliances play a big part in making our lives easier and more comfortable. Learning as much as you can about how they work makes sense. Take our quiz to see if you know how they do their magic.

What color is the "hot" wire in your electrical appliances?

In electrical devices, current flows to the device through the hot, usually black, wire and returns through the neutral, usually white, wire.


What do we call the force that moves electrical current through a circuit?

The difference in voltage between a hot wire and a neutral wire moves the electric current that provides power for your appliances.


How do heating appliances convert electrical energy into heat?

Heating appliances pass current through a special wire called an element. Electrical energy turns into heat when it meets the resistance of the element.


How do motorized appliances convert electrical energy into movement?

A motorized appliance converts electrical energy into magnetic energy that turns a shaft. For example, the blades attached to the shaft of a food processor chop, while the blades of a fan circulate the air.


What are cord wires connected to inside a small appliance?

Inside a small appliance, cord wires are connected to a switch with solder, a wire nut or connectors.


Which of these appliance cords is the thinnest?

Wires used in appliance cords come in different gauges. A higher gauge means a thinner wire.


What is the electrical current rating of most small appliances?

Most small appliances are ungrounded and rated at less than 15 amps.


Which of the following is an example of a small appliance control?

Appliance controls regulate the flow of electricity to an appliance. They include timing mechanisms, switches and thermostats.


Which of the following small appliances might have a rheostat to increase or decrease motor speed?

Since a rheostat controls the amount of current flowing to an appliance part, you'll find one in a multispeed blender.


Why do excess breadcrumbs cause toasters to break so often?

Toasters often break because bread crumbs can clog any of several internal mechanisms.


Which part of a toaster is designed to release trapped breadcrumbs?

The toaster's crumb tray is a mini marvel. Simply unlatch the door, hold it over the garbage can and brush away all that mess!


How do toaster ovens differ from toasters?

Though toaster ovens are used to toast bread like toasters, most can bake, broil and roast as well. They are larger and more expensive than toasters.


What should you do when your toaster oven's main switch is faulty?

Though you might need to replace a faulty main switch to get the toaster oven to work, sometimes just cleaning it will do the trick.


Which tool is best suited for checking a coffee maker's thermostat?

Place the probe of a continuity tester at either end of the thermostat. If the thermostat is defective, it's best to replace it with a new one.


How do food mixers blend ingredients?

In most food mixers, a set of gears transfers the motor's movement to the rotating action of the beaters. The opposing rotation of the beaters is very effective at blending ingredients.


What is the biggest danger to a blender motor?

Liquid that leaks or overflows into the blender motor can ruin it. A blender usually has a seal around the motor coupling.


Which is NOT suggested preventative maintenance to keep a blender working well?

Preventative maintenance will keep your blender whipping up smoothies for a long time. The two most important things you can do are not to overload the blender and to keep the seals tight.


If your garbage disposal is leaking from underneath the unit, what should you do?

When water leaks from underneath a garbage disposal unit, the problem is usually a leak in the flywheel seal. Remove the garbage disposal from the drain system and replace the seal.


What component of the vacuum cleaner loosens dirt in the floor covering?

Both upright and canister vacuums use a rotating beater bar with a brush to loosen dirt. The beater bar is located in the power head and driven by a smaller motor


Which part in a hair dryer is included for safety?

If the heating element in your hair dryer gets too hot, the thermal cutout switch shuts off the dryer immediately.


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