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Maybe you think you're a savvy traveler. But how sharp is your knowledge of tips, fees and reasonable rates for vacation-related expenses? Take our quiz and see just how far you can stretch your vacation funds.

What is the average fee charged by ATMs in the U.S.?

According to watchdog Web site The Consumerist, automated teller machines (ATMs) in the U.S. charge an average of $2.40 per transaction. This easy access to cash can get expensive if you lean too heavily on ATMs during your vacation.


What baggage weight typically triggers most airlines' baggage fees?

This is a bit of a trick question. Although airlines have long had additional fees for oversize and excessively heavy baggage, simply checking a bag may now incur a $30 to $50 fee at many major airlines in the U.S. (and your second checked bag may cost you even more).


What is the size limit for carry-on bags on most airlines?

Every airline's carry-on bag requirement is unique, but they generally fall into a similar size range. If your bag is smaller than 22 by 16 by 9 inches (0.55 by 0.4 by 0.22 meters), you'll probably be able to carry it on.


What is the polite amount to tip a waiter for good service in the U.S.?

Waitstaff, bartenders and many other service professionals who work in vacation destinations rely on tips as part of their income. General etiquette suggests that a tip of 15 percent to 20 percent of a meal's cost is an acceptable thank-you for good service.


What's the accepted amount to tip a taxi driver in the U.S.?

Taxi drivers typically earn slightly lower tips than waitstaff, with 15 percent of the fare being a generally accepted amount. Some travelers tend to tip slightly more if the driver loads and unloads bags or luggage.


How much should a traveler tip a tour guide in the U.S.?

This is a harder question to answer with a single figure since tours vary widely; a one-hour trip around a historic neighborhood may earn a smaller tip than a two-week guided canoe trip. Inquire with your travel agent or hotel concierge for an estimate.


What is a duty-free shop?

A common sight in international airports, duty-free shops are exempt from the taxes and fees -- or duties -- that countries charge to import goods. International travelers are able to buy goods from these stores and take them home without paying these fees.


Who sets the exchange rate between currencies?

Most governments' central banks work to establish the value of their currencies when compared to other standards, such as the U.S. dollar. However, outside influences such as private money markets can force exchange rates to fluctuate.


What offices or businesses can legally exchange currency for you?

Developed nations such as the United States tend to set federal regulations on the types of businesses that can exchange currencies. In less developed countries where regulation is more relaxed, money changers may have little or no regulation.


Will your regular auto insurance cover you in another country?

Most domestic auto policies have strict limits on coverage while driving in other countries, although this can vary from insurer to insurer.


What can you do to protect yourself against a false arrest overseas?

Some traveler's insurance policies include coverage for legal advice. When shopping for a travel insurance policy, it's wise to ask if this coverage is included.


What features should you look for when choosing auto insurance for overseas driving?

While overseas driving policies vary from insurer to insurer, a good rule of thumb is to look for a policy that offers roughly the same coverage as your normal policy.


How much does security screening add to a typical airline ticket price?

Increased airline security measures in the 21st century have increased ticket prices -- but not by much. Fees typically total $5 or less for one-way trips and $10 for a round-trip ticket.


When does the rainy season start in equatorial regions?

Equatorial regions often see rainy weather through much of the late spring and summer. If you travel to these areas and want to avoid the rain, try to travel between November and April.


Where should you go if your passport is stolen while you're abroad?

Your home country's embassies provide emergency services in the event that you lose your passport. Contact the nearest embassy immediately if yours is lost or stolen during your trip.


What fees might you pay when bringing items home from overseas?

Most nations charge taxes or other fees, called duties, on goods brought in from overseas. The rates vary from country to country, and are often addressed at an airport's customs offices.


Where can you purchase travel insurance?

From travel agencies and online resources to your insurance agent, there are a number of sources to research when shopping for travel insurance.


How can you limit the risk of illness when traveling abroad?

The best way to manage the risk of getting sick while abroad starts at home. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss medical issues that could come up at the destination; he or she may prescribe preventive medication for common ailments.


What information does the CIA provide to American travelers?

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) publishes travel advisories, notifying Americans of nations where there could be a greater risk of danger for travelers.


How can a sick traveler get home from overseas?

Some insurers offer international evacuation policies that cover the cost of emergency transport home if a traveler is sick or injured. These policies vary greatly among providers, so talk to an agent for a given policy's details and costs.


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