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The Sweet Valley High series gave readers a glimpse into serious subjects like love, sex and drugs from the safety of their bedrooms and came with a pair of polar opposite twins that fans could root for -- and identify with -- as they themselves moved through various stages of teen life. Take our quiz to see how much you really know about life in Sweet Valley!

Who is Elizabeth's boyfriend throughout much of the series?

Elizabeth and Todd get together in the very first book of the series, "Double Love," and date on and off for years , but it's Jessica who ends up marrying him, according to the 2011 followup, "Sweet Valley Confidential."


Which of Steven's girlfriends died of cancer?

It's a sad day in Sweet Valley when big brother Steven's girlfriend Tricia Martin dies of cancer. Steven goes on to date the twins' friend Cara, then moves in with Billie Winkler.


Who was Elizabeth's best friend in middle school?

Amy Sutton and Elizabeth Wakefield were inseparable in the "Sweet Valley Twins" series, but when Amy moved back to town in high school, she became BFFs with Jessica.


Who is Jessica's favorite frenemy in the series?

Jessica and poor-little-rich-girl Lila Fowler are friends one day and enemies the next. Though Jessica is often envious of Lila's wealth, Lila struggles with an absent mother and a father who rarely pays her any attention.


What is the name of the school newspaper at Sweet Valley High?

Elizabeth Wakefield spends plenty of time cooped up in the "Oracle" office throughout her years at Sweet Valley High. She goes on to work for the newspaper at SVU, then becomes a journalist after graduation.


Who dies after taking cocaine?

Bruce Patman is devastated after his girlfriend, Regina Morrow, dies after snorting a line of cocaine. Turns out she had a hidden heart condition, and the bump of coke was all it took to cause a fatal reaction.


Who nominates Robin Wilson for Pi Beta Alpha membership?

It's sweet Elizabeth who nominates her friend Robin for membership in the exclusive SVH sorority. Unfortunately, Robin is overweight and subject to hazing from the mean girls already in the club. After she ditches the extra pounds, she becomes co-captain of the cheer squad and puts the bullies in their place.


Who is Jessica's ginger-haired first love?

Jessica may have a new love interest every other chapter, but it's red-headed A.J. Morgan who first captures her heart. Convinced he won't like her if he gets to know her real personality, Jessica starts acting a lot more like Elizabeth so A.J. will take her seriously.


Who tries to kill Elizabeth and take her place at SVH?

It's Wakefield-twin doppelganger Margo who shows up in books 95 through 100 and tries to kill Elizabeth and take her place. Later, Margo's twin sister Nora comes looking for revenge after Margo is killed.


Where do the twins run into a werewolf?

In a three-book arc from book 104 to 106, the twins travel to London. Liz ends up dating Luke Shephard, who blacks out and dresses as a werewolf to murder unsuspecting citizens.


What lands Liz in jail after the jungle-themed prom?

A drunk Liz crashes her jeep after the jungle prom in "A Night to Remember," killing passenger Sam Woodruff. She ends up in jail for manslaughter but is let off the hook when it turns out that Jessica spiked her drink.


What school is Sweet Valley's biggest rival?

Sweet Valley's rivalry with the Palisades High School Pumas ends in the arrest of both Bruce Patman and Todd Wilkins.


Who changed her name to Alexandra once she got to college?

Enid Rollins made numerous transitions throughout the series -- from former addict and best friend to Elizabeth Wakefield, to her college persona Alexandra. As Alexandra, she was the girl known for drinking way too much and hooking up with Todd Wilkins.


What is the name of the camp where the girls work in books 123 through 125?

In the three-book arc beginning with "Elizabeth's Rival," the girls work as junior counselors at Camp Echo Mountain in Montana. Elizabeth is thrilled to be reunited with old friend Maria, but quickly gets involved in a rivalry with Maria's new friend Nicole.


Which one of the Wakefield's eventually comes out as gay?

After years of steady relationships with girls, Steven realizes he is gay and takes up with Aaron Dallas -- who actually dated Jessica back in high school.


Where do the twins go on a treasure hunt in books 115 and 116?

After winning a trip to attend a survival trip in Death Valley, Elizabeth, Jessica, Todd, Ken, Bruce and Heather end up following an old map to track down a hidden treasure.


Which European country do the twins find au pair jobs in starting in "Once Upon a Time?"

In books 132 through 134, the twins end up as au pairs for a royal family in France. While there, Jessica becomes involved with a jewel thief named Jacques and Elizabeth falls in love with a prince.


What's the hippest place to hang out in Sweet Valley?

The Dairi Burger served as a backdrop for family meals, romantic dates and plenty of teen angst throughout the Sweet Valley series.


Who does Jessica kiss in the first book in the senior year series?

After Jessica kisses Will Simmons, she becomes a target for Will's girlfriend Melissa Fox, who is determined to get revenge.


Who dies in the earthquake that rocked Sweet Valley before senior year?

A serious earthquake struck Sweet Valley as the twins and their friends got ready for senior year. Both Olivia Davidson and Ronnie Edwards were killed during the devastation.


How does Melissa attempt suicide during senior year?

When Will leaves her to be with Jessica, Melissa gets revenge by swallowing 27 sleeping pills in a suicide attempt. She ends up surviving and later wins Will back.


What bad boy does Liz date senior year?

Elizabeth is willing to give up anything, including her parent's respect, in order to be with bad boy Conner McDermott -- who came to Sweet Valley High after El Carro was damaged in the earthquake.


Who is the prom queen at the SVH senior prom?

Move over Jessica, Melissa and Lila. It's Tia who takes the title of senior prom queen, with Trent as her king.


Who do the Wakefields live with after the earthquake?

After the earthquake destroys their home on Calico Drive, the Wakefields are forced to move in with the Fowlers while their house is rebuilt.


Who is the SVH valedictorian?

In news no one would have predicted, it is Maria Slated, not brainy Elizabeth Wakefield, who delivers the valedictorian speech during graduation. Elizabeth instead settles for salutatorian.


Which member of the gang is the only one who forgets about senior cut day?

As the Wakefields and their friends head to an amusement park, Ken Matthews finds himself as the only non-nerd who shows up at SVH on senior cut day.


Who writes Elizabeth anonymous love letters for Valentine's Day during senior year?

The twins' old friend Jeffrey French, now going by DJ Jeff, is Elizabeth's secret admirer during the senior year series.


Which of the El Carro kids comes out as gay?

While dating a sophomore named Six, Andy realizes he is gay. He comes out to his very accepting friends and ends up in a serious relationship with Dave Niles.


What is the name of the girl that Conner meets in rehab?

Conner falls for Alanna Feldman when he finally heads to rehab for his drinking. The two date, but the relationship eventually falls apart thanks to Alanna's lies and the strain she puts on Conner's various friendships.


What is Todd's favorite sport?

Todd is known for his skill on the basketball court and eventually becomes captain of the Sweet Valley High basketball team.


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