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Solar shingles use sunshine to create energy and power buildings, while covering the roof. These dual-purpose shingles might be just the thing to help you save money on energy costs for your home. Take this quiz to find out if solar shingles are for you.

What do solar shingles look like from a distance?

You may not know you are looking at solar shingles, since from a distance they look like regular roof shingles.


How many purposes do solar shingles serve?

Solar shingles are dual purposed. They work as regular shingles and also create electricity.


Solar shingles operate the same as what other energy saving innovation?

Solar shingles and solar panels operate the same way.


In theory, how much of a building's electrical need may be supplied by solar shingles?

In theory, 100 percent of a building's electrical need may be supplied by solar shingles.


What country uses the most photovoltaic devices?

Germany leads the world in the use of photovoltaic devices.


What happens if there is too much sun and your solar shingles produce too much energy?

Your excess energy can be sent to the electric grid, and you may get a check or credit for the energy produced.


In what type of weather condition will solar shingles work?

Solar shingles will work in most any weather conditions.


Who is qualified to install solar shingles?

Hire a qualified professional with certification for this job.


What financial incentives are available for the purchase of solar systems?

The U.S. government offers tax incentives for some solar installations. Check with your state and local jurisdictions for additional incentives.


What types of buildings may use solar shingles?

Solar shingles may be used on either commercial or residential buildings.


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