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"The Sopranos" featured a seemingly endless parade of minor characters, mostly guys with Italian names, violent tendencies and vague "job" titles. Can you match the "Sopranos" characters to their description and deeds?

He's killed after trying to rob Ralph Cifaretto's poker game.

Jackie Jr. and a couple of his friends made the ill-advised decision to rob Ralph's poker game as a way of making a name for themselves. It doesn't work.

Jackie Jr.'s failed plan was inspired by his father's robbery of a card game. Who was Jackie Sr. in cahoots with?

Jackie Sr. and Tony made a name for themselves by robbing Feech La Manna's card game.

He's the one who kills Jackie Jr.

Ralph puts a hit on Jackie Jr., and Vito Spatafore — Jackie's cousin — carries it out.

He's the FBI informant who's killed on a fishing trip.

Tony, Silvio and Paulie all put bullets in Big Pussy after they tell him they know he's an informant.

She's the FBI informant who's executed in the woods.

Silvio takes poor Adriana on a long drive out to the woods and shoots her as she pleads for her life.

He's the FBI informant who hangs himself in his basement.

Eugene is caught between a rock and a hard place when neither Tony nor the FBI will allow him to escape New Jersey and move to Florida.

He's the owner of the Nuovo Vesuvio restaurant.

Artie was also the owner of the Vesuvio restaurant — before Tony's crew burned it down.

He's the Sicilian hitman who has a crush on Carmela Soprano.

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife in any scene between Carmela and Italian hunk Furio.

He's the priest who might have a crush on Carmela.

Father Intintola and Carmela have a dinner-and-a-movie night when Tony's away in season one.

He orders a hit on Ralph Cifaretto for insulting his wife.

The hit doesn't end up happening, but Johnny Sack doesn't stand for anyone making cracks about Ginny's weight.

He spends a snowy day in the Pine Barrens with Christopher Moltisanti trying to hunt down a Russian mobster.

Paulie and Christopher never do finish off the Russian guy.

She's the Mercedes saleswoman who has an affair with Tony.

Gloria ends up hanging herself when Tony breaks things off.

She's the real estate agent who almost has an affair with Tony, then sleeps with Christopher.

Tony fails to seal the deal with Julianna, but then she meets Christopher in Alcoholics Anonymous and has an affair (and smokes heroin) with him.

She starts sleeping with Tony after meeting him at the horse stables.

Valentina was with Ralph first, but she's Tony's <i>comare</i> in seasons four and five.

She's Tony's girlfriend in seasons one and two.

Carmela doesn't find out about Tony and Irina until well after they've broken up, and Irina calls Carmela to tell her that Tony is sleeping with her cousin.

He's the manager of the Bada Bing!

Silvio is Tony's right-hand man throughout the series.

He wants to become a massage therapist when he's released from prison.

Tony Soprano's cousin Tony has high hopes of going straight, but he gets pulled back in with disastrous results.

He conspires with Uncle Junior to take out Tony.

Richie tries to get Uncle Junior to support him as boss (and eliminate Tony), but Uncle Junior eventually sides with Tony.

Her "ashram name" is Parvati Wasatch.

Tony never tires of calling Janice "Parvati."

He's the accountant for Tony's crew.

Patsy Parisi is often in the background but rarely gets in on the action and never kills anyone.

This former music executive is Tony's advisor and the only Jew in the crew.

Hesh is a respected but not full-fledged member of the crew.

He's a producer on Christopher's slasher flick, "Cleaver."

Little Carmine is able to secure a meeting with Ben Kingsley for the lead role, but Kingsley turns it down.

She dated Tony in high school.

Charmaine tells Carmela in season one that she slept with Tony while he was dating Carmela.

He plots to kill the entire Soprano crew, but the plans are derailed when he has a heart attack.

Phil wants to eliminate Tony, Silvio and Bobby, but he backs off when Tony visits him in the hospital.

His real name is Corrado.

Uncle Junior's full name is Corrado John Soprano Jr.

She figures out that Livia is trying to have Tony killed.

Tony freaks out when Dr. Melfi suggests that Tony's mother was trying to kill him, but he eventually gets proof from the FBI.

He tries to commit suicide by tying a brick to his leg and jumping into the Sopranos' pool.

AJ tries to drown himself, but the rope is too long, and Tony is able to jump in and save him.

He gets a stripper pregnant and then beats her to death.

Ralph's murder of Tracee is one of the incidents that precipitates Tony's murder of Ralph.

Tony suffocates him after they're in a car accident.

Tony knows that Christopher's self-destructive ways are dangerous, so he suffocates his nephew before the police arrive.

He gets engaged to Meadow Soprano in the series finale.

Meadow has a secret boyfriend in the final season who's revealed to be Patrick Parisi, the son of Patsy. They get engaged in the last episode.

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