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"The Sopranos" is known as one of the best TV shows ever — for its use of music as well as its groundbreaking portrayal of mob life. Take this quiz to prove how much you know about the hidden meanings in the songs of "The Sopranos."

What band performs "The Sopranos" theme song?

"Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Remix)" is by British band Alabama 3.


In the third-season opener, the FBI is shown planting a bug in Tony's house. Playing over the scene is the theme song from '50s detective show "Peter Gunn," mashed up with this classic '80s tune.

"Every Breath You Take" by The Police is an uncanny fit with the iconic theme song.


As the FBI works in the Soprano house, Tony's singing along to this Steely Dan song in his car.

An oblivious Tony sings Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" as he drives.


Later in the episode, Tony listens to this Eagles song as he works out.

"Hotel California" isn't exactly a high-intensity exercise song, but it works for Tony.


What song is Tony Blundetto's ringtone?

Tony's ringtone is Queen's "We Are the Champions," which could show how out-of-touch he is after being in prison for so many years.


In the first episode, an aria from an opera by this composer plays as Tony flashes back to his panic attack by the pool.

"<i>Chi il bel sogno di Doretta</i>" is from "<i>La Rondine</i>" by Puccini.


What song is playing when Tony has a panic attack at a golf-club banquet?

"More Than a Feeling" by Boston plays as Tony passes out.


What song is playing when Tony kills Christopher?

Tony also sings Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" to himself earlier in this episode.


What song is playing when Tony sits in his car and cries about his ex-girlfriend Irina?

Tony cries to The Chi-Lites' "Oh Girl" … and then beats Irina's new boyfriend to a pulp.


In the first episode of the second season, which Frank Sinatra song plays over the opening montage?

As we catch up on the Soprano crew's activities since the end of season one, we hear Sinatra's "It Was a Very Good Year."


What Frank Sinatra song does Paulie claim as "his" song?

Paulie gets choked up when "Nancy" is played at his welcome-home-from-prison party at the Bing.


Led Zeppelin had never licensed a song to a TV show before its members allowed this tune to be used in a season three episode.

"Rock and Roll" plays in the background in a pizza parlor.


To get out of buying a beach house (long story), Tony goes out on his boat and blasts songs by this artist.

Tony and his crew sit offshore in the boat, blaring Dean Martin to intimidate the house's sellers.


Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man" plays over the show's first murder. Who's the murderer?

Christopher shoots Emil Kolar in the back of the head.


Who was the only cast member to sing a full song in an episode?

Chianese (Uncle Junior) sings the Italian standard "<i>Core 'Ngrato</i>" at Nuovo Vesuvio after Jackie Jr.'s burial.


What's the only Bruce Springsteen song to be used over the closing credits?

"State Trooper" played after the season one episode "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano."


There are only two episodes with no music over the closing credits. One is the finale. What happens in the other one?

In season two's "Full Leather Jacket," Christopher is in the hospital after underlings Sean and Matt shoot him.


Season six opens with a spoken-word song. Which Beat Generation writer is doing the speaking?

William S. Burroughs performs "Seven Souls."


What kind of music does A. J. Soprano like?

Broody, depressed A. J. is a metal fan.


What song is playing as Silvio and Tony drive Big Pussy to the boat where they plan to kill him?

Tom Petty's classic "Free Fallin'" is on the radio in the SUV.


On the boat, Big Pussy plays a song by this artist.

A very nervous Pussy puts in a CD of Frank Sinatra's "Baubles, Bangles and Beads."


Another song, "Thru and Thru," plays throughout this episode. Who sings it?

"Thru and Thru" is a Rolling Stones song, but it's sung by Keith Richards.


Tony beats a Bada Bing bartender over the head with a Big Mouth Billy Bass toy because the fish's incessant singing of this song reminds him of Big Pussy's death.

The fish always sings Al Green's "Take Me to the River."


What's another Tom Petty song that was used on the show?

In the first episode of season six, Tony is in a coma and Carmela plays "American Girl" for him in the hospital.


Carmela also plays this Deep Purple song for Tony in that episode.

"Smoke on the Water" doesn't seem like a relaxing hospital song, but it's one of Tony's favorites.


What's the other time "Smoke on the Water" is used?

In the season two opener, Tony's panic attack starts as he thumps his truck's dashboard to make the Deep Purple CD stop skipping.


Which opera singer performs "<i>Con Te Partiro</i>," a song that's used a few times in the early seasons?

Andrea Bocelli performs "<i>Con Te Partiro</i>," a favorite song of Carmela's.


Which Journey song plays over the final scene of the series?

If you've made it this far in this quiz, this should be an easy one. "Don't Stop Believin'" accompanies the tense but open-ended final scene.


Why did Journey wait until the last minute to give permission to use the song?

Singer Steve Perry wanted to make sure that the Sopranos weren't killed to the song.


This Journey song was also used on the show, during closing credits of a second-season episode.

"Wheel in the Sky" played over the closing credits in a season two episode.


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