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For some real hospitality, plan a family vacation to the Southern United States. Knowing what activities are available will help you plan a fun family vacation. Take this quiz to see how much you know about fun Southern travel ideas for families.

While visiting Nashville, Tennessee, your family may cruise on the Cumberland River in a:

Cruising on a paddlewheel showboat will be great fun for your family.


Where can you see a full-scale replica of the Parthenon?

Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee features a full-scale replica of this famous Greek landmark.


Where is the genuine Parthenon?

The genuine Parthenon is located in Greece.


For nature lovers, what is an interesting Nashville, Tennessee attraction?

Nature lovers may enjoy a trip to the Cheekwood Botanical Garden in Nashville.


Many children love animals, so don't miss a family trip to the:

The Nashville Zoo has many fascinating animals on display.


Families may tour Charleston, South Carolina by foot, boat or:

Touring Charleston by a horse-drawn carriage is a real treat.


When vacationing in Charleston, families may participate in what outdoor activities?

The Francis Marion National Forest has whitewater rafting , hiking, canoeing, fishing and camping.


To see dolphins in their natural habitat, where should you take your children?

You may spot some dolphins in their natural habitat from the Riverside Terrace of the South Carolina Aquarium, or while strolling along the Charleston Harbor.


While touring Charleston, South Carolina, what "railroad" may be an interesting family activity?

The Underground Railroad is an important historical exhibit about the struggle against slavery.


What aquarium is one of the world's largest?

The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, is one of the world's largest aquariums.


How long is the hike to the top of Stone Mountain?

The hike to the top of Stone Mountain is 1.3 miles long and may be challenging.


Families love to picnic, so where is a favorite Atlanta picnic spot?

Piedmont Park is a nice place to visit for a family picnic and the Atlanta Botanical Garden is close by.


When vacationing in Miami, Florida, where can you swim with the dolphins?

The Miami Seaquarium offers swimming with dolphins.


South of Miami, where may families want to participate in ecotourism activities?

The Florida Keys has ecotourism activities such as diving and snorkeling, and is just south of Miami.


The Casa Bacardi details the history of what country?

Visit the Casa Bacardi and learn about Cuban history and culture.


While visiting the Miami area, where can you see lots of alligators?

To see alligators visit the Everglades National Park.


Disney World has _____ theme parks.

While vacationing in Disney World, you may visit the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, and Typhoon Lagoon.


When visiting Orlando, what nearby beach has car access?

Cars may be driven and parked on Daytona Beach, which is about an hour drive from Orlando.


When vacationing in Orlando, Florida, what nearby attraction has space rockets?

Your children may love to see the Kennedy Space Center. Depending on your vacation dates, you may be able to view a rocket launch.


While staying in Orlando, Florida, what sporting activity may your family enjoy?

There are many golf courses in Orlando, Florida and you may play year-round.


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