What do you know about spa treatments' less-than-stellar side effects?

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Ahh, time for a relaxing spa treatment. Just sit back, close your eyes and prepare for muscle pain and swelling, dehydration and maybe even some cancer as a bonus for visiting the spa today. That's right, some spa treatments have seriously negative side effects! Find out the truth about your favorite treatments by taking this quiz.

What is NOT a side effect of Botox?

There are many side effects of Botox, including minor ones such as leg pain, back pain and headaches. More major side effects include bruising, swelling, fever and bleeding at the injection site.


How long does it take for swelling and bruising from Botox to go away?

Generally, it takes around seven to 10 days to heal any swelling and bruising from getting Botox.


How much more UV radiation does a tanning bed release than natural sunlight?

Tanning beds generally release about three times the amount of UV radiation than natural sunlight.


Which of the following is NOT a side effect of tanning in a tanning bed?

Tanning beds are extremely dangerous and can not only cause early aging but can also cause skin cancer, DNA mutation, and they can weaken your immune system.


True or false: Chemical peels should be performed by a professional with a medical license.

Because chemical peels are so invasive, they should be done by a professional with a medical license. While you can perform mild peels in the privacy of your own home, any stronger peel should be done with the supervision of a dermatologist because of possible complications.


Which of the following is NOT a complication of a chemical peel?

Stronger chemical peels can cause burning, peeling, sensitivity to the sun and even scarring, but skin cancer is not an immediate concern.


True or false: If you're pregnant, your skin is more sensitive than usual and waxing can be very painful.

Waxing is never pleasant, but if you're pregnant, it can be more painful than usual because of an increased sensitivity to your skin.


After you undergo waxing to remove unwanted hair, which of the following should you avoid?

After waxing, you should avoid any kind of heat including bathing, hot tubs, sun exposure or steam rooms. Because of your skin's increased sensitivity, you should also avoid any intimacy with your spouse because your skin will be more susceptible to bacteria.


What is the maximum temperature allowed in saunas in North America?

Because saunas can be dangerous and lead to extreme dehydration, the maximum temperature allowed in the United States and Canada is 194 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you're having a lot of fun in the sun and also spending time in a sauna, you need to drink Gatorade in order to keep yourself hydrated.

The best way to stay hydrated is to drink lots of water. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink 13 cups of water a day and women drink 9 cups of water a day to stay healthy.


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