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Sierra Entertainment took its adventure games to the stars in this best-selling series. How much do you know about "Space Quest?"

What is the name of the primary protagonist in "Space Quest?"

He's a janitor who gets sucked into crazy cosmic adventures.


The "Astro Chicken" mini-game appears in which version of "Space Quest?"

The goal of the game is to bounce a chicken on a trampoline.


Which rock stars objected to the unauthorized use of their likenesses in the first game?

Two long-bearded men appear in the Rocket Bar and there was no mistaking their identities.


In what year was "Space Quest II" released?

It sold more than 100,000 copies and ensured that more "Space Quest" games would follow.


How many games are there in the "Space Quest" series?

They were published between 1986 and 1995.


What is the name of Roger's ship in "Space Quest III?"

It's a step up from the garbage scow he's used to flying.


What sort of user interface was included in "Space Quest III?"

A point-and-click interface was introduced in "Space Quest IV."


Which company published the first "Space Quest" games?

The company is a part of Activision and is known as one of the most influential developers of early adventure games.


Why did "Space Quest V" receive a rating of Teen (13+)?

It also had a lot of "comic mischief" just like the other "Space Quest" games.


Which version of "Space Quest" eliminates the ability of the player to choose a name?

In the first two editions you can choose any name you want, or default to Roger Wilco.


The "Space Quest" theme song is a parody of which well-known movie tune?

After only a few seconds you'll have flashbacks to Luke Skywalker's battles with Darth Vader.


Most of "Space Quest V" is a parody of which production?

There are also clear parodies of "The Fly," "Predator" and other well-known movies.


How much did it cost to make "Space Quest IV?"

For an early adventure game, this was a significant budget.


On which type of media was "Space Quest V" released?

Other versions of the game were released on CD-ROM and floppy disk.


Which company sued the developers because the fictional droid store's name was too close to the name of their real-world toy store?

The droid store was named "Droids R Us" and in a remake of the game was changed to "Droids B Us."


Developers Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe were known as what?

The worked together on numerous projects for Sierra Entertainment, including "The Black Cauldron."


Who was the narrator for "Space Quest IV" and "Space Quest VI?"

Owens was a popular DJ who also voiced characters in "Space Ghost" and "Ren & Stimpy."


What is the name of Roger's love interest?

Her full name is Beatrice Creakworm Wankmeister... we didn't make that up.


Sludge Vohaul kidnaps Roger at the start of which "Space Quest" game?

Sludge intends to send Roger to a labor camp but the prison ship crashes, setting Roger off onto another adventure.


What is the subtitle of the last "Space Quest" game to be released?

The game ends dramatically and sets up a sequel that was never produced.


What was the name of the room that contained references to all of the lawsuits filed against the developers?

The writers just couldn't help themselves from making too-close-to-home parodies of real companies.


What real-world company paid actual money to have its company logo shown during the course of "Space Quest V?"

The logo was displayed during communications transmissions.


Which planet does Roger call home at the beginning of the series?

Xenon is found in the Earnon system.


Sludge Vohaul is named after what?

One of the developers spotted the name during a nature show on cable TV.


When did the re-release of the first "Space Quest" game hit store shelves?

The remake appeared half a decade after the first version.


What did executive producer Ken Williams first think of the space-comedy "Space Quest" concept?

Williams was more familiar with the serious tone of games like "King's Quest," which put Sierra Entertainment on the map.


In version 1.0 of "Space Quest," what happened if you typed the name "Ken" in the initial screen of the Arcada?

The game is full of running gags like this one.


Time travel takes center stage in which "Space Quest" game?

Its subtitle: "Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers."


A musician from which band created music for "Space Quest III?"

Bob Siebenberg was the drummer for Supertramp.


How does Sludge Vohaul plan to attack the inhabitants of planet Xenon?

Thankfully, Roger manages to foil his annoying plan.


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